3 Advantages of Adding a Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service to Your Business

As a coin laundry owner, you know that the success of your business goes beyond just having the best commercial laundry equipment. As customers’ needs are changing, so are the business practices of those involved in the laundromat industry. A growing trend that Martin-Ray Laundry Systems has seen is the increased focus on the homeowner market. Although many homes have their own washing machines and dryers, the busy lifestyles of families make utilizing a self-service laundry very appealing. The time saving nature allows family units to take care of all their household needs in one convenient trip. Laundromat owners can go one step further to tap into this market, which accounts anywhere from 5-40% of business, by offering a laundry pickup and delivery service to residential homeowners. Although this positioning strategy needs to be carefully reviewed before expanding your washateria, there are many advantages of adding this type of laundry service to your offerings!


Increases Your Laundromat’s Turns per Day

This approach is ideal for laundromat owners who have seen a decrease in their amount of turns per day or are looking to grow their laundry business even further by bringing in more clientele. Adding a laundry pickup and delivery service naturally adds in an additional stream of business, thus increasing your turns per day. The end goal when it comes to laundry delivery services is repeat business. You may need to upgrade your machines, add laundry technology, or increase the number of employees you have to create a convenient and easy experience for customers that generates loyal business.


Boosts Your Vended Laundry’s Revenue

With more business coming through your laundromat with the addition of a laundry pickup and delivery service, it’s expected that you will begin to see boosts in your revenue and a return on investment over time. It’s important to remember that this new service offering will have initial start-up costs that you will need to plan for including:

  • Delivery Vehicles
  • Marketing Budget
  • Hiring and Training of Staff
  • Upgrading Commercial Laundry Equipment

A common mistake that many laundry distributors see owners make is under or over pricing their services. Making sure to do a thorough analysis of your market and competition prior to deciding on prices for your service is the best way to see boosts in revenue long-term. Your commercial laundry distributor, like Martin-Ray, is a great resource to consult for demographic analysis needs!


Expands the Reach of Your Laundry Brand

Adding another vertical to your self-service laundry provides you with greater brand reach. Not only are you bringing in additional customers who can spread the word about your services through referrals to friends and family, you will most likely be putting more time, resources, and budget behind your marketing programs. Some common marketing strategies you will likely need to execute in order to grow the reach of your laundry pickup and delivery service include:

  • Creating a place on your website for clientele to visit in order to schedule a delivery or pickup
  • Adding branded decals to your delivery vehicles to act as a “moving billboard”
  • Putting a focus on local marketing so your laundry service can be found through a simple web search


Laundry pickup and delivery services are an exciting new addition to the industry and are something that you should consider adding to your laundromat business. Increased brand awareness, revenue, and turns per day are just a few of the many advantages this expansion strategy offers. If you’re looking to grow your business, speak to your commercial laundry distributor for additional insights!