The Benefits of Purchasing Speed Queen Laundry Equipment

As the leading laundry supplier and service provider in the Rocky Mountain region, Martin-Ray Laundry Systems is committed to selling and installing the highest quality commercial laundry equipment available. That’s why we’re especially proud to be a distributor of Speed Queen laundry products. Here are just a few of the benefits of investing in Speed Queen laundry equipment for your laundromat.

They use strong, high-quality products.

The engineers at Speed Queen have worked for more than 100 years to create the best laundry equipment that is designed to withstand load after load after load. 

All Speed Queen products are commercial-grade, and while many manufacturers make washers and dryers using plastic parts, Speed Queen utilizes metal. Metal is stronger and more heat resistant than plastic, so your machine will be more durable and hold up to the higher temperatures used for washing and drying. For an added bonus, your customers will appreciate that the stainless steel wash tub utilized in Speed Queen washers is easier on fabrics, so it won’t wear out their clothes.  In addition, the controls are engineered to withstand power surges, vibration, and extreme climate conditions.

For laundromat owners, this means the high-quality machines will stand up to consistent use, so less time and money will be spent on repairing broken-down machines.

They last a long time.

Once the machines are installed, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacements any time soon. Speed Queen washers and dryers are tested to last more than 10,400 cycles. They even offer a 5 year warranty on all electronic control machines – five times longer than the industry average. So rather than spending money constantly upgrading machines, you can focus on marketing your laundromat and keeping your customers happy.

Users get better wash results.

Their washers give the best possible clean, outperforming industry competitors time and time again.

The flexible, high vane agitator in Speed Queen’s top load washer rotates 210° at 68 strokes per minute, while competitors' agitators rotate only 97° and deliver less washability. Their innovative machines also feature patented baffles to cascade water throughout the entire load and a tumble algorithm that moves the drum at an ideal interval for an even clean.

Simply put, Speed Queen is as clean as it gets.

They’re made in the USA.

If you’re like 8 out of 10 Americans, you like buying products that are made right here in the United States. We’re proud to note that Speed Queen is based in Ripon, Wisconsin and all of their laundry equipment is manufactured in the United States. So, in addition to buying a high quality product, you are helping to support more than 1,600 local employees and communities.

They offer a variety of financing options.

At Martin Ray, we want you to be successful in your laundromat business ventures. As a factory authorized distributor of Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment, our customers are able to choose from a variety of financing options offered by Speed Queen Financial Services. When you purchase Speed Queen washers and dryers from Martin-Ray Laundry Systems, you can partner with their financial team to find the financing solution to meet your needs. Speed Queen has financed more than 2 billion in laundry assets and more than 20,000 loans for both new and existing laundromat investors.

Want to learn more about Speed Queen products offered by Martin-Ray Laundry Systems? Contact us today!