How Quantum Controls Can Raise Your Laundry Game

Do you want to increase revenue, reduce utility costs, and maximize profits at your laundromat? Look no further than the state-of-the art Quantum® Control System from Speed Queen. The cutting-edge system meshes equipment controls and programming into an easy, one-stop management system – allowing you to take your laundromat to the next level. The Quantum® wireless networking option enables users to customize, manage, and troubleshoot issues with their commercial laundry equipment from any Internet-connected device, at any time. Are you ready to raise your laundry game? Let’s check out a few Quantum® features:

  • Cycle Modifiers give users the freedom to customize their wash cycle with soil selection, prewash, additional rinses, and more agitation time. You reap the benefit of the added premium received when the customer opts in. 
  • The Lucky Cycle inspires customer loyalty by rewarding visitors with a free wash or dry after a predetermined number of cycles.
  • Time of Day Pricing allows you to customize price settings. For example, you can set your machines to charge higher prices when your laundromat sees the most traffic.
  • Multi-Level Pricing allows you to charge different prices for each wash cycle. Charging less for the cold water cycle may encourage more customers to select it, which can help reduce your overall utility costs.
  • Auto Shutdown Assistant will shut down machines at a specified time. This ensures that all loads are completed by the time your store closes, in turn reducing overtime for staff and eliminating scheduling headaches.
  • Slow Drain Detection monitors your drain time and helps you avoid costly repairs. You’ll receive automatic alerts if there is a slow drain or obstruction on any of your machines.
  • 30 Programmable Water Levels give you the ability to modify the amount of water used for each cycle, which will help reduce your utility bill.
  • Low Power Mode automatically turns off LED displays and reduces electrical consumption when your store is closed.

These are just a few of the unique features of the Quantum® Control System. The potential for savings and efficiency is huge! At Martin-Ray Laundry, we’re proud to be the only distributor to offer Speed Queen’s Quantum® Gold Control – and we want to share it with you! Still not convinced?

Contact one of our experienced representatives to learn more about this game-changing technology and how it can improve your laundry facility.