Why Speed Queen is the Best Choice For Your Commercial Laundry Needs

Speed Queen laundry equipmentThere are so many options when it comes to commercial laundry equipment. It can be hard to know where to start. Investing in laundry equipment isn't a decision you should take lightly, as it will have a huge impact on you, your customers, and the overall success of your business. As a distributor of Speed Queen laundry equipment we may be a little biased, but we think Speed Queen is the best choice you can make for your vended laundry, multi-housing, and on-premises needs. Here's why...

Reduced utility costs.

Utility costs are a huge deal for everyone, but especially laundry investors. In fact, according to Speed Queen, 8 out of 10 laundromat owners report spending more than 25% of their revenue on utilities, and more than half of them cite high utility costs as their largest obstacle.

Speed Queen can help with those issues. As a leader in the laundry industry, their machines are known for innovation and energy-efficiency, meaning you'll immediately start seeing savings on your utility costs. Users have reported saving about $8,000 and 655,000 gallons of water per year on a grouping of 8 new machines. Think of all the business updates and improvements you could make with that kind of savings and extra cash!

Added revenue opportunities.

laundromat equipmentNot only do Speed Queen commercial laundry machines save you money on utility costs, but they also provide laundromat owners, landlords, universities, and other on-premise laundry facilities with numerous additional revenue opportunities.

In general, people are willing to pay more for newer and up-to-date technology and services. By offering the latest in laundry innovation and stylish machines from Speed Queen, investors can charge more for using their new equipment. By simply raising prices by $0.48 or less, investors have noted an increase in profits of $613 per year extra per machine, or $4,900 for a block of 8 machines, according to studies from Speed Queen. That's a lot of extra cash in your pocket.

Also, Speed Queen has industry-leading controls and technology that competitors just don't offer. For example, cycle modifiers allows for complete customization and more profits. You can charge more when users choose a premium wash cycle with multi-level pricing options or increase costs during peak times of day with time-of-day pricing — all leading to additional revenue.

Having some of the faster and more efficient machines on the market also means you'll be able to serve more customers in less time and reduce potential damage to clothes and other linens. Over time, increased satisfaction and service will earn you more profits.

Less maintenance issues.

Any laundry investor knows your machines go through a lot, from heavy use to user errors. Speed Queen is synonymous with durability and long-lasting performance in the laundry industry. Why? Speed Queen uses top-of-the-line materials in all their products and the commercial-grade machines and electronic components are tested to withstand cycle after cycle in even the most demanding laundry environment. With that in mind, you know you're getting the best commercial washers and dryers available.

Of course, downtime and machines in need of maintenance mean you're losing money and oftentimes paying for costly repairs, so it pays big to have dependable equipment for your vended laundry, on-premise, or multi-housing facility. Well-made and long-lasting machines mean minimal downtime, less hassle, less repair and parts costs, and overall increased satisfaction.

Competitive financing options.

With more than 2 billion laundry assets financed, Speed Queen has some of the most cost-effective and competitive financing options in the industry for both new and existing laundry investors. Not only that, but their experience and dedication to the laundry industry allows them understand your needs and offer you options well beyond what a typical financial institution might be able to. When you're ready to invest, teaming up with an authorized Speed Queen distributor (like us) and Speed Queen Financial Services means you'll be set up for financial success from the get-go.

The bottom line is...  

Speed Queen goes above and beyond when it comes to innovation, durability, financing, and more. It's not just the right choice, it's a smart choice. If you're ready to upgrade your equipment or invest in a laundry business, browse our selection of high-quality commercial laundry products from Speed Queen. You'll be glad you did!

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