Martin-Ray is So Much More Than Commercial Washers And Dryers

When it comes to laundry, many people think it's just about washers and dryers. The truth is, it's so much more than that! Sure, it's important to have great commercial washers and dryers, but there's also important finishing equipment, like ironers and feeders, that can take your laundry operation to new heights. On top of that, there's important laundry technology, energy efficiency, and more that can save you money and help you reach your overall business goals.

Here at Martin-Ray, we try to look at the whole picture when it comes to your laundromat, multi-housing, or on-premises laundry operation. We're so much more than just washers and dryers...

Our Brands

When it comes to laundry equipment, we offer what are commonly considered the top brands in the commercial laundry industry — Milnor, and Chicago Dryer.



Milnor is another one of the best laundry equipment brands for on-premises laundry operations. Here at Martin-Ray, we sell a great selection of Milnor laundry equipment, including:

Of course, design, versatility, and efficiency take Milnor equipment from laundry equipment to an important business tool. PulseFlow® Technology, MilTouch™ Control, and RinSave® Water Conservation Technology allow you to manage costs and achieve your business goals in your OPL facility.

Chicago Dryer

The last brand we favor here at Martin-Ray is Chicago Dryer. These products go beyond washers and dryers to give on-premise laundry operations the tools they need to simplify the laundry process and provide a great finished product to their customers. Chicago Dryer products include:

These machines are the perfect counterpart to commercial washers and dryers. Finishing equipment is key to taking your on-premises laundry operation to the next level with perfect finishing, providing a polished look and top-notch experience to your customers.

Additional Services

Ok, so you have the right commercial laundry equipment for your business. What now? Getting the right laundry equipment is only one piece of the laundry puzzle. We don't want to leave you hanging, which is why we offer a slew of ongoing business support services to help your laundromat, multi-housing, or on-premises laundry operation really shine. Our ongoing business services include:

  • Service training for your commercial laundry equipment. Today's commercial laundry equipment is more advanced than ever before. It can be intimidating to learn the ins and outs of how it operates and how to properly maintain it. Our well-trained and experienced staff will show you exactly what you need to know about maintenance and upkeep.
  • Technical assistance. Not sure how to use all the advanced controls and technology on your washers and dryers? Something not working right? No problem. We're here to troubleshoot and walk you through it so you can get your machines back up and running at peak performance.
  • Equipment service from our trained technicians. While you can often tackle maintenance yourself, sometimes it's just not feasible. If you're busy handling all the other daily to-do's at your business or need an expert's perspective, we can get your machine back up and running quickly.
  • Replacements parts. We have all the replacement parts you may need for top brands, including for Milnor, Chicago Dryer, ADC, and more.


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