Cut Dry Times with Speed Queen Tumble Dryers

Speed Queen Tumble Dryers

A reliable, performance-driven tumble dryer is an asset to any vended laundry setting. Users expect to have their laundry dried thoroughly, quickly and efficiently, and Speed Queen Tumble Dryers are up to the challenge. As an authorized Speed Queen distributor, Martin-Ray Laundry Systems can provide you with a high-quality tumble dryer solution for your vended laundromat.

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Speed Queen Vended Stack Tumble Dryer Benefits

Stack tumble dryers from Speed Queen provide double the drying capacity while only taking up half of the floor space. Included with these stack tumble dryers is Speed Queen’s patented oval cylinder perforations, a solution to a normally damaging problem. These perforations allow stray screws to pass through the machine without doing large amounts of damage to the sweep sheets.

  • Available in 30 and 45 lb. capacities
  • Stack dryer’s single gas, electric and exhaust hookups make installation easy and is less expensive than installing two single tumblers
  • Fastest and most efficient drying results are possible because of the machine’s axial airflow pattern and sealed cylinder rims
  • Machine’s two drying pockets help increase drying capacity
  • Large, easy to clean lint compartment
  • Increased drying efficiency with a high performance heater box

Speed Queen Single Pocket Tumble Dryer Benefits

Speed Queen Single Pocket Tumble Dryers are designed to withstand wear and tear with fewer moving parts and reduced maintenance. Available in 25, 30, 35, 50, 55 and 75 lb capacities, these heavy duties machines are capable of handling heavy usage with ease. Some notable features include:

  • High-performance, energy-efficient heater box that helps reduce drying time
  • Quantum Gold Controls for laundry control capabilities
  • Oval cylinder perforations, preventing dryer sweep sheet damage from loose objects
  • Easy-to-clean lint compartments
  • 55lb models include concentrated axial airflow pattern, sealed cylinder rims and a small enough size to fit through a 36 inch door opening

If your tumble dryers could use an upgrade, be sure to contact Martin-Ray Laundry Systems to transition to a new Speed Queen Tumble Dryer system. The Martin-Ray team is experienced in providing commercial laundry equipment solutions throughout Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, west Texas and western Nebraska since 1988. Contact us and we will help you assess your unique needs and wants to provide the tumble dryers you’re looking for.