Milnor Commercial Laundry Equipment

Save Time & Energy With Milnor’s Highly Efficient Commercial Laundry Equipment

Outdated, inefficient washers and dryers in your on-premises laundry facility can cause frustration by users and lead to sky high utility bills. While it may seem daunting to think about purchasing new OPL equipment, choosing to upgrade to energy efficient and reliable machines from Milnor will help lower your operating costs in the long run.

Martin-Ray Laundry Systems is a factory authorized dealer of Milnor washers and dryers. From our locations in Albuquerque and Denver, we work with customers throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas and western Nebraska to help you to find the commercial laundry equipment for your on-premises facility.

We Supply the Following Milnor Machines for your On-Premises Laundry Facility:

Improve Washing Machine Control with MilTouch™ Control

MilTouch™ offers touch screen control made to improve the ease of use and flexibility of Milnor’s washer-extractors. The system’s high resolution screen provides information such as the machine’s current status, washing options, time elapsed, troubleshooting and more.

Save on Utility Costs with RinSave® Water Conservation Technology

Another beneficial feature of the Milnor commercial laundry equipment we offer is RinSave® water conservation technology. Reducing water usage is crucial in lowering utility costs and conserving in the areas we serve with water shortages, such as Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, El Paso and Odessa. RinSave® helps you save hundreds of gallons of water every day by lowering process times and water costs by eliminating up to two high level rinses and up to 10 minutes in the wash formula. The money, time and energy savings helps the equipment pay for itself over time.

Contact Martin-Ray Laundry Systems to learn more about what Milnor commercial laundry equipment we can provide to help improve your OPL facility’s bottom line.