How Technology Keeps Laundromat Customers Loyal

According to the Coin Laundry Association, the vended laundry industry generates around $5 billion annually in gross revenue. In addition to a thriving market, vended laundry has steadily grown since its original creation 70 years ago. With business booming for laundry owners, how do you keep customers loyal to your laundromat? Differentiation is key in an industry that prides itself on low operating costs and a basic business model.  Laundry technology like Martin-Ray’s card payment systems, are one of the key factors in keeping customer loyalty at an all-time high.


Consumer payment preferences are changing, with 78% of Americans using credit and debit cards as their primary form of payment. This shift in purchasing habit is making its way into the laundromat landscape as well. Laundry technology offers your customers a convenient form of payment and eliminates the need to make an extra stop to withdraw cash. With many laundromat options to choose from, providing an added amenity that is rooted in convenience will help boost customer loyalty, making your laundry business more profitable. Martin-Ray provides and installs card payment systems, like SpyderWash technology that accepts all forms of payment and offers added benefits beyond convenient ways to pay, such as:

  • User-Friendly Interface and Display
  • Simply Bluetooth Wireless Installation Process
  • Real-Time Payment Authorization
  • Machine Availability and Machine Time Countdown Options
  • Multi-Vend and Multi-Pricing Capabilities
  • Accepted Forms of Payment: Credit, Debit, Cash, Coin, Loyalty Card, Contactless (ApplePay)

Laundromat Security

While using a credit or debit card to pay for laundry services is a growing trend, there are still those traditional laundromat customers that use cash. As an owner of a laundry business, safety should always be your number one priority for both your employees and customers. Laundry technology is a great alternative that decreases the amount of cash on-hand that needs to be collected from the machines, reducing the risk of theft or robbery. It’s important to always practice precautions such being aware of your surroundings, securing your money immediately after collection, and processing your cash as fast as possible.


 Ease of Use  

Integrating commercial laundry equipment and laundry technology is a seamless process for laundromat owners. The ease of use is one of the main factors that drives a purchase decision. Many brands of technology can be attached to any piece of existing laundry equipment and also offers these benefits:

  • Designed to Coordinate Your Entire Laundry Facility and Minimize Fees
  • Each Unit Can Be Individually Customized Based on Things Like Minimum and Maximum Charges
  • Laundry Customers Have the Added Convenience of Online-Accessible Receipts
  • Can Easily Connect to Your Facility’s Internet to Establish a Connect for Electronic Payment Users

Let Martin-Ray Laundry Systems Help You Boost Customer Loyalty!

Adding technology to your laundry room is one of the best ways to make a customer satisfied and loyal to your facility. The team at Martin-Ray offers a variety of laundry technology solutions to fit any need. If you are located in our sales & service area, contact us today!