Upgrade Your On-Premises Laundry Facility with Milnor Washer-extractors

Milnor Washer-Extractors

Martin-Ray Laundry Systems is a factory authorized distributor of Milnor commercial laundry equipment. Our team provides washer-extractors to on-premises laundries throughout Colorado, New Mexico, eastern Wyoming and west Texas. Milnor washer-extractors, such as the 30022V8Z and MWF77Z7 models are equipped with technology that helps save on costs and improves efficiency.

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Milnor Washer-extractor Features:

  • MilTouch™ color touch screen computer controls help improve efficiency by displaying wash status, washing options, time elapsed and troubleshooting.
  • RinSave® Water Saver technology helps save time, energy and water by shortening wash times and eliminating up to two rinses per formula without compromising on wash quality
  • Fast moisture removal and load balancing with extraction speeds up to 300 Gs
  • Large cylinder perforations improve wash quality and help reduce rewashes and drying time
  • Long lasting washer-extractors are built to last and provide users with numerous programming options at an affordable cost

Large Milnor Washer-extractor Features:

We also offer large Milnor washer-extractors for on-premises laundries that require higher capacity equipment In addition to many of the above washer-extractor features, the large equipment features:

  • Smoothcoil™ suspension systems to control vibration for increased performance
  • Programmable control systems to customize formulas
  • Fast loading and unloading times to increase productivity
  • Programmable temperature control

From our locations in Denver, CO and Albuquerque, NM, our team travels throughout the Rocky Mountain region to provide OPL facilities with high quality, efficient Milnor washer-extractors. 

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