Gas, Thermal Fluid, Steam and Electrically Heated Commercial Ironers from Chicago Dryer

Chicago Dryer Ironers and Flatwork Finishing Systems

Martin-Ray Laundry Systems is proud to be a factory authorized distributor of ironers and flatwork finishing systems from Chicago Dryer. For professionals in the restaurant business, hospitality industry, healthcare and event rental business, providing the right finishing touches is an important step for your business. With a variety of top notch ironers to choose from, Chicago Dryer will help ensure your on-premises laundry facility consistently provides crisp and presentable laundered products.

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Chicago Dryer Ironer Features

From compact to multi-roll ironers, Chicago Dryer offers equipment to meet the needs of various OPL facilities. As the provider of the world’s widest range of gas, steam, thermal fluid and electrically heated commercial ironers, Martin-Ray Laundry Systems will help you find the right ironing equipment for your facility.

Small ironers:

  • Ideal for meeting basic finishing needs of on-premises laundries with limited amounts of small to medium sized items
  • Heavy duty construction with easy feeding canvas input ribbons

Mid-Range Laser Series Ironers:

  • Medium size, yet powerful, ironing equipment that provide twice as much power as other ironer models with natural draft/atmospheric burners
  • Optimum drying performance allows wet linens to be ironed at quicker speeds, allowing operations to finish sooner
  • Ironers deliver extra drying power when needed, with the ability to reduce energy use when demands are lower.

Tri-Star & CrosStar Combination Ironer/Folders

  • Combination ironing equipment with features including ironing, feeding, folding, crossfolding and stacking capabilities
  • Multiple capabilities help improve on-premises laundry efficiency

Imperial Series Ironers:

  • Highly productive and largest diameter range single roll ironing equipment available
  • Compact design allows equipment to use less floor space than other comparable ironers

Multi-Roll Modular Ironers:

  • Ideal for high production flatwork finishing systems requiring efficient, yet high production ironing equipment that is reliable, serviceable and safe
  • Highly efficient systems when compared to other steam or thermal fluid heaters
  • Offers only heat exchanger/burner system designed specifically for flatwork ironing

If you’re interested in Chicago Dryer ironing equipment for your OPL facility in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas or western Nebraska, we're here to help! 

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