Up Your Game With Chicago Dryer Automated Linen Separating Machines

Did you know Chicago Dryer was one of the first companies in the United States to take on automating the linen separating process? Shaking and separating sheets, tablecloths, and other linens takes a lot of time and can be hard on employees’ backs, necks, and shoulders. Chicago Dryer’s commercial laundry separating machines for on-premise and commercial laundries solves those problems and makes the whole laundry process more efficient. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems distributes Chicago Dryer linen separating machines in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas, and western Nebraska. Get in touch with us today for more information!

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Martin-Ray Laundry Systems is a proud provider of Chicago Dryer Cascade Flatwork Separating System, a top-of-the-line laundry separation system.

  • The visual and audible alert system notifies you that a fresh cart of linens is needed or if the separating process has been interrupted
  • Rugged construction means the machine will hold up to ongoing wear and tear. 
  • The flexible design allows it to work in almost any space. Linens can be loaded from the front, left, or right of the unit. Separated linens can be discharged to the left or right of the unit at the touch of a switch.
  • Designed to work seamlessly alongside other Chicago Dryer products. 

From hotels and health care facilities to everything in between, Chicago Dryer has you covered. No matter what industry you work in or how big your on-premise or commercial laundry operation is, Chicago Dryer's separating machines are designed to improve productivity, no matter your size or type of linens.

Benefits of the Chicago Dryer Cascade System

Dealing with tangled batches of wet and tumble dried laundry is frustrating, time-consuming, and can cause injuries. With these commercial separating machines, you can work harder, faster, and safer. Here are just a few of the benefits of Chicago Dryer’s Cascade System. 

  • Makes separating clingy linens much easier. 
  • Provide a safer and more ergonomic workplace. No more stress and physical strain from separating and shaking out tangled linen by hand.
  • Reduces the number of full-time employee hours required to do the job.  
  • Helps cut down on the number of linens per worker to increase efficiency.
  • Improves productivity, throughput, and saves time by making the linens easier to handle and allowing employees to perform other tasks while the machine is working. 

If you’re considering any Chicago Dryer product, Martin-Ray Laundry Systems is here to help you find the right solution for your laundry operation and provide excellent customer service and ongoing support to help you make the most of your investment. We service on-premises laundry operations across industries through Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas, and western Nebraska. Let us help you up your game today!