Invest in a coin laundry business

Why Should I Invest in a Coin Laundry Business?

If you’re considering investing in a laundromat, the Martin-Ray Laundry Systems team can guide you through the process to help you achieve success. It’s almost certain that you’ll have questions, concerns, and hiccups to work through. Having a close-knit partnership with experienced Martin-Ray Laundry Systems consultants ensures you’ll receive the level of attention, expertise, and assistance needed for your new vended laundry business to excel.

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Advantages of Investing in a Laundromat

While there’s always some risk in any business venture, the coin laundry industry is a steady investment opportunity even in times of recession. Your future laundromat can help provide quality and affordable service to your customers while still maintaining healthy profits for you as a business owner. Some key benefits of opening a laundromat include:

  • Minimal past experience required; easy to operate and maintain
  • Minimal labor costs as customers do the work themselves
  • Add-on income options like packing, shipping, dry cleaning and more to boost walk-in traffic
  • Financing options for qualified investors
  • Continued service and support from Martin-Ray Laundry Systems after your initial investment

Vended Laundromats & On-Premises Laundry Facility Services

A smoothly run laundromat or on-premises laundry facility largely depends on making the best use of the space. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems provides laundry facility design and layout services that:

  • Recommend facility traffic patterns
  • How many washers and dryers your facility will need
  • Optimal space to leave for a folding area
  • Recommended signage
  • How to plan for future expansion

Guidance When Opening a New Coin Laundry Business

Starting your own laundromat requires much more than finding the right commercial laundry equipment. Our experienced team is here to help you successfully start a new coin laundry business:

  • What to consider when looking for a new laundromat location
  • Financing
  • Training your laundromat staff
  • Assistance in advertising your new business

The Martin-Ray Laundry Systems Difference

Why choose Martin-Ray Laundry Systems to be your partner in opening a laundromat? Navigating your investment options is tricky and can be full of uncertainty. Our experienced representatives work with laundromat business owners in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas and western Nebraska because we know what does and doesn’t work in the industry. Our commitment to your success is a long-term process where we give advice and support at nearly every stage of the business:

  • Site selection
  • Design & layout expertise
  • Start-up & training elements
  • Technical assistance
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Supplying parts

In other words, we’ll be behind you every step of the way. Learn more about the starting a laundromat business by contacting Martin-Ray Laundry Systems today.

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