Advantages of Investing in the Laundromat Business

For decades, laundromats have been a sound business investment. With low capital and high return on investment (ROI), the vended laundry industry is a great small business opportunity versus alternative investment choices. According to the Coin Laundry Association, laundromats in the U.S. see an average ROI of 20-35%, which is much higher than other venture opportunities.


Why Invest in a Laundromat?

The coin laundry industry has been boasting low start-up costs, flexibility, and recession resistance from the very beginning. With roughly 1 in 3 households renting, there is a steady demand for laundromat services. Appealing to renters, students, and those living in smaller spaces, laundromats are always a necessity.  Even homeowners with residential laundry equipment often visit laundromats for spring cleaning, washing and drying large items, and more. Purchasing vended laundry equipment from a distributor like Martin-Ray Laundry Systems allows the business owner the opportunity to take advantage of a service and repair team, lowering costs and decreasing downtimes of machines, providing a stable source of income, and more. In addition to being a cost-effective investment decision, coin laundries have these benefits:


  • Stable Customer Base
  • All-Cash Business
  • High Success Rate
  • Low Labor Costs


A Proven Business Model with Opportunities for Expansion

In addition to the longevity of this business model, coin laundry owners have been finding new and exciting ways to make their businesses even more successful. Providing a multi-faceted business that extends beyond laundry, such as dry cleaning, cafes or food services, tanning salons, car washes, etc., allows owners to successfully grow their laundromat and customer base through value added services. In addition to exciting new trends, the vended laundry business model offers tax advantages and comprehensive support.


Start-Up Your Laundromat Business with Martin-Ray Laundry Systems!

If you are looking to invest in a laundromat, let the team at Martin-Ray be your partner to help you successfully run your laundry business from start to finish. Our full-suite of business services guides you in investing, financing, and servicing your investment. If you are located in Martin-Ray's service area, contact us today!