Tips for Keeping Your Laundromat Safe

Just tune into local news broadcasts, browse local newspapers, or search police records and you’ll find that laundromats are unfortunately often a target for crime. As a business owner, the safety of your patrons, employees, and investment should always be top of mind. With vigilance and a few safety precautions, you can help prevent crime and keep your laundromat safe. Here are a few tips for making your coin laundry facility a safer place to work and visit.

Use security cameras and alarm systems. This is just common sense. Not only are security cameras and alarm systems proven to deter theft and vandalism from occurring, but they can also help law enforcement officials catch a perpetrator should a crime occur.

 Be cautious when moving profits. Removing money from your laundromat’s washers, dryers, and vending machines is a prime time for theft to occur. Take extra precautions while moving profits by:

  • Varying dates and times you collect profits
  • Checking the surrounding areas for anyone suspicious
  • Being quick and efficient when removing funds from machines

Utilize credit or smart card vending systems. Less money sitting around your laundry business means it’s a less tempting target to potential criminals. Having alternative payment options like the SpyderWash Credit Card Payment System available to customers helps reduce the amount of cash going in and out of your laundromat. As an added bonus, smart card systems are easy to use and encourage customer loyalty.

Keep your facility visible. Buildings that are well-lit and visible from roadways and other businesses are less of a potential target for theft and vandalism. Keep that in mind when picking a laundromat location and doing regular maintenance and upkeep. You may also want to avoid having bushes, trees, and fencing that can block windows and security cameras.

Make friends with neighbors. It’s always nice to have people looking out for you. Take time to get to know your regular customers and the staff of surrounding businesses. They can be helpful partners when it comes to preventing crimes and reporting suspicious activity. 

These are just a few tips that can help protect your customers, employees, and investments. If a crime does occur, call 9-1-1 as soon as it is safe to do so and never attempt to negotiate with or track down a criminal on your own.

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