A Proud Supplier of the Leading Flatwork Finishing Equipment

Chicago Dryers

If you are an OPL professional, you know that the finishing touches are an important step of the laundry process. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems offers Chicago Dryer, an innovator in flatwork finishing equipment, to ensure your laundered products are crisp and professional.

Providing Feeders, Ironers and folders Throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, West Texas & Western Nebraska

With locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Denver, Colorado, Martin-Ray Laundry Systems is able to offer Chicago Dryer feeders , ironers and folders. From north in Sheridan, WY to south in El Paso, TX and in between, our team of laundry experts is happy to travel throughout our service area to provide our customers with next generation flatwork finishing equipment.

High-Tech CHI-Touch Finishing Technology

The Chicago Dryer equipment that Martin-Ray Laundry Systems offers features CHI-Touch, an industry-leading touchscreen control system. This technology improves finishing quality and boosts efficiency by allowing users to perform diagnostics, track performance, test the equipment and automate operations. Some key features of CHI-Touch include:

  • Real-time machine information, including progress tracker as items move through the flatwork finishing machine
  • Programmable settings that allow users to save items to the control system’s memory to be recalled at a later time
  • Multiple access levels based on individual laundry employee categories
  • On-screen pacing indicators that are color coded to deliver a snapshot of machine and operator efficiency
Chicago Dryers

LintBuster Air Filter

Chicago Dryer’s LintBuster helps remove lint, dust and other contaminants from the air. Made to scrub and capture any airborne lint in on-premises laundry facilities in industries like hospitality and healthcare, LintBuster improves the air quality for operators, helps improve equipment performance and provides a cleaner laundry facility.

The increased performance, reliability and efficiency of Chicago Dryer’s ironers and spreader-feeders lead to higher production rates than previously attainable when done by hand or with less reliable, outdated equipment. To learn more about which flatwork finishing technology is right for you, contact Martin-Ray Laundry Systems!