What Your Laundry Business Needs (Besides High Quality Washers and Dryers)

If you’re considering investing in the laundry industry, it’s a given that you need high-quality industrial washers and dryers. But what else? To see success in today’s laundry industry, you have to go well beyond supplying the basics. If you’re starting fresh or considering upgrading your current laundry business, here are a few things you may want to add to give your laundromat a cutting edge.



 Technology has impacted almost every industry in some form or another, and the laundry industry is no exception. If you haven’t started offering some of the latest in laundry technology at your laundromat on on-premise facility, you’re missing out on increased profits, safety, and customer satisfaction. Consider adding the following:




If you’re in the hospitality, healthcare, event rental business, or serving customers who are, you know the importance of providing the right finishing touches. You want to make sure your laundered products are clean, crisp, and ready to go. If you don’t currently have finishing equipment, you may want consider adding them in an effort to expand your business and provide added convenience and a more finished product.


  • Feeders: Our Chicago Dryer feeders can help process large volumes of sheets, linens and other materials into ironing and folding equipment.
  • Ironers: If you want to provide crisp and presentable laundry products, compact and multi-roll ironers from Chicago Dryer can meet the various needs of your OPL facility. 


Comfort and Convenience

 Many of today’s laundry customers are looking for a more complete laundry experience. Working in some luxuries and extra features into your laundromat design can go a long way in delighting customers and outperforming the competition. In addition to the basics like TVs and WiFi, try adding the following laundry extras and services to your facility to increase convenience and comfort for your patrons.


  • Wash/Dry/Fold services. Many consumers don’t have time for laundry in their busy schedules. That’s why more and more laundry facilities are now offering complete wash, dry, and fold drop off services to their patrons and seeing positive results.
  • Seating areas. It’s important that customers are comfortable when they’re spending time at your facility. You may want to consider adding additional seating to meet customer needs during peak business hours, and upgrading the current seating to something more stylish and comfortable. Round out your seating area with tables and flat surfaces for patrons to utilize.
  • Loyalty programs. Having a great loyalty program, whether through card payment systems or punch cards, is a great way to make your customers feel welcomed and appreciated at your facility.


For almost 30 years, the team at Martin-Ray has been distributing more than just commercial laundry equipment. We work hard to support our customers with the business services they need to make their laundromats a success. If you are located in Martin-Ray’s sales & service area, contact us today!