Milnor Continuous Batch Washer Systems Makes Washing Large-Scale Commercial Laundry Loads Efficient


The Milnor Continuous Batch Washer Systems (CBW) are an excellent solution for on-premise laundries, including those in industries like hospitality, linen supply, healthcare and more. With exclusive PulseFlow® Technology, users gain top performance and efficiency for every size and type of load. As a factory authorized distributor of Milnor commercial laundry equipment, Martin-Ray Systems provides CBW systems throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, including Colorado, New Mexico, eastern Wyoming and west Texas.

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What is PulseFlow® Technology?

By combining Milnor’s True Top Transfer with a controlled intermittent counterflow and a standing bath, chemicals are able to do the work needed without being diluted too soon, then receiving high-velocity PulseFlow which uses less water with better rinsing action.

Milnor Continuous Batch Washer Features

Milnor Continuous Batch Washer Systems are equipped to provide customized, efficient washes for large-scale commercial laundry loads with a variety of exceptional features. Advanced system controls enable you to manage your batches with precision including:

  • Central programming
  • Data reporting
  • Production monitoring

Benefits for your OPL Facility

Aside from customized programming and monitoring, the processes behind the technology are an example of unique innovation allowing for a variety of resource and money-saving advantages.

Low water consumption:

Less water consumption than any other tunnel washer, ranging from 0.3 gal/lb to 0.5 gal/lb (depending on the heaviness of the soiled linen). Water is saved with the following features:

  • Interrupted Counterflow
  • Controlled Flow
  • Dual-Use Modules
  • Full Water Availability

Low energy usage:

Saving energy is easy with PulseFlow® Technology and can contribute to saving money and the environment. Features that contribute to this benefit include:

  • Less water to heat
  • Lower wash temperatures
  • Steamless washing
  • Faster washing
  • Inverters on all volumetric pumps and drive motors

Quick and efficient washing cycles

Thanks to Milnor’s top-transfer technology, washes are about 30-40% faster than bottom-transfer designs and efficiency improves even more with PulseFlow® Technology. Features involved in this process include:

  • Standing Baths
  • PulseFlow Counterflow
  • Dual-use in each module
  • No separate rinse modules
  • RecircONE®

Advanced chemical performance:

Maximum chemical performance is a must and there are several features that contribute to this benefit:

  • RecircONE® Pump Arrangement
  • Standing Bath
  • Controlled Time
  • Better Rinsing
  • Solid Welded Partitions

The Martin-Ray Laundry Systems Advantage

Martin-Ray Laundry Systems' representatives are authorized dealers with experience and knowledge on Milnor washer systems including Continuous Batch Washer Systems and PulseFlow® Technology. You can rest assured that any questions or concerns you have will be answered and addressed by one of our team members. Contact us to learn more about how Martin-Ray Laundry Systems can help you utilize Milnor washer systems for your laundry facility.

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