Why Choose Martin-Ray Laundry Systems

Partnering with a laundry distributor, like Martin-Ray Laundry Systems, boasts many benefits whether you are purchasing commercial laundry equipment for a vended laundry, multi-housing, or on-premise facility. The team at Martin-Ray has been immersed in the commercial laundry industry since 1988, creating an arsenal of expertise and knowledge that we have been sharing with customers to help their laundry business be the most successful it can be. In additional to gaining key from laundry professionals, our clientele benefits from:


Top Trusted Laundry Equipment Brands

Martin-Ray is a proud factory authorized dealer of Milnor, and Chicago Dryer commercial laundry equipment. These are among the top trusted brands in the industry that you have access to when you partner with Martin-Ray Laundry Systems. Innovative technology allows you to cut down on costs, provide the best laundry equipment to your customers, and increase loyalty among your client base. In an industry where added amenities go the distance in differentiating your business, providing the top industry leading products in commercial laundry will allow you to do just that.

An Experienced Team of Laundry Professionals

Martin-Ray is committed to your success, offering a dedicated team of laundry professionals who specialize in the service, installation, and maintenance & training of washateria equipment. We work with your business from start to finish, ensuring that your laundry equipment is properly installed and employees are trained on the features of the machines. Our service team responds to all calls in a timely manner so equipment downtime is minimal.

Replacement Parts for Milnor, & Chicago Dryer Laundry Equipment

As a trusted source for Milnor, and Chicago Dryer equipment needs, Martin-Ray is the Rocky Mountain region supplier for all of your commercial laundry equipment parts!  Our service team helps clients with complex maintenance issues, large parts requests, and simple parts orders. We are dedicated to partnering with you beyond just the sale and offer repair and maintenance assistance throughout our service area including Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas, and western Nebraska.

Flexible Financing Options for Commercial Laundry Equipment

When looking to invest or upgrade to new commercial laundry equipment, special financing opportunities allow for cash to be freed up and put towards other aspects of your laundry business. We offer financing options providing the opportunity to finance any piece of commercial laundry equipment you choose. Our financing team works with laundry business owners on an individual basis to develop a highly customized financing program for your needs, offering affordable payments and more!

Guidance When Opening a New Coin Laundry Business

Investing in a laundromat requires more than finding the right commercial laundry equipment. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems helps you successfully start a new vended laundry business with help regarding:

  • What to consider when looking for a laundromat location
  • Financing options
  • Training your laundromat staff
  • Assistance in advertising your new business
  • And more!


Partner with Martin-Ray Laundry Systems

The team at Martin-Ray is excited to share in the success of its commercial laundry equipment clients and help them grow their businesses along the way. Working closely with everyone who partners with us allows our experts to create personal, customized solutions to fit the needs of any laundry owner. If you are located in our service area, contact us today. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems looks forward to partnering with you!