The Importance of Performing Preventative Maintenance on Commercial Laundry Equipment

Whether you are an on-premises, or multi-housing laundry owner, keeping your commercial laundry equipment operating at peak performance should always be a priority. Performing preventative maintenance is a simple and effective way to save on service costs and ensure a smooth operating laundry facility. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems wants to share the importance that preemptive maintenance has for your laundry equipment!

Benefits of Performing Preventative Maintenance

Washateria owners can cut down on costs by routinely servicing and maintaining industrial laundry equipment. Performing various types of preventative maintenance is a simple task that can be done either by a staff member or owner. In addition to having someone routinely execute service on all machines, developing a written preventative maintenance plan and carefully documenting the work done to machines, will help better diagnose and track problems in the long-run. There are countless benefits that routine maintenance has, including:

  • Increasing the longevity of your commercial laundry equipment
  • Cutting down on utility costs by keeping lint trays clean, ensuring faster and more efficient dry times
  • Decreasing the costs to replace failed pieces of equipment
  • Creating better customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Lowering maintenance and service costs from external entities
  • Being more aware of problems with certain machines, enabling you to quickly remedy downtimes

Routine Preemptive Maintenance for  Commercial Laundry Equipment

Properly maintaining your industrial laundry equipment will help protect your investment for its entire lifespan. It is always important to remember to consult with your laundry distributor or the manufacturer’s handbook before doing any work on your machines. Martin-Ray recommends incorporating these basic maintenance tasks into your program.

  • Check Water Inlet Hoses: As it’s especially important to check this component on washing machines, your service team should be checking the water inlet hoses for leaks or cracks. The average lifespan of this laundry equipment part is around five years, so replacing worn or damaged inlet hoses can help prevent ongoing leaks.
  • Wipe Down Laundry Machine Exteriors: Keeping the exterior components of your machines clean will provide a user-friendly experience for customers and ensure that your equipment seals are non-leaking.
  • Clean Out the Exhaust System: If you are doing preventative maintenance on commercial dryers, this is important to prevent the buildup of lint and other debris. Many different components within your dryer, such as coin drops and fans, can be negatively affected by lint buildup.

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