Carts, Soap & Other Vending Machines, Bill Changers, Folding Tables, Seating and Other Laundry Accessories for your Laundromat

Your laundry facility accessories are just as important as your units or payment systems. Having quality, reliable coin laundry accessories is an important step in providing your customers with a positive experience. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems provides a wide variety of vended laundry accessories for your laundromat:

Vended Laundry Accessories

R&B Wire Products

Specializing in tubular, wire and steel related products, R&B Wire Products serves laundry sectors including coin-operated, healthcare, janitorial supply and more. An industry leader, their products reflect a commitment to innovation, improvement and quality. Their laundry accessory products include

  • Laundry carts
  • Poly trucks
  • Basket trucks
  • Laundry scales

Vend Rite

For soap venders, along with several other laundry accessories with an emphasis on variety and versatility, we offer accessories from Vend Rite. As a Vend Rite distributor, Martin-Ray Laundry Systems can assist with determining the best vending options for your facility. Products include:

  • Soap venders
  • Bag venders
  • Vender security guards
  • Hanger venders
  • Drop off laundry program accessories
  • Coin laundry signage
  • Price and washer ID decals
  • Vision venders

Standard Bill Changers

For bill-to-bill and bill-to-coin exchanges for laundromat customers, Martin-Ray Laundry Systems provides Standard Bill Changers. Perfect for a self-service facility, these machines are a convenient addition that cuts back on staffing needs and improves overall business security.

National Combustion

Is your water heater not performing well? National Combustion (NATCO) offers plenty of models for your commercial water heating needs. Product models include:

  • Fire Coil & Fire Coil 85
  • FlexFlame 94

Proctor and Gamble

A household name, Proctor and Gamble provides detergent and related options for coin vended washers and dryers. Cater to your customers’ preferences by investing in popular scents.

Solomatic & Caco Mfg

Outfit your facility with chairs, benches, folding tables and bulkheads from Solomatic. Features like these will improve customer satisfaction while providing better ease-of-use and customer comfort.

With so many options to choose from, you can customize your vended laundry accessories to meet your facility's unique needs. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems representatives are experienced and knowledgeable to help you find the best product solutions for your coin laundries throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas and western Nebraska.

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