Commercial Laundry Equipment for Fitness Centers

fitness center laundry equipment

In today's competitive fitness industry, running a fitness center goes beyond offering the latest exercise equipment, innovative training sessions, and top-notch instructors. It's about offering the highest level of service and a well-rounded experience to your members. With the fitness industry generating more than $80 billion each year (and growing), how can your gym set itself apart? The answer: high-quality commercial laundry equipment.

Why You Need Commercial Laundry Equipment

Fitness facilities and athletic clubs generate a lot of laundry. The more services you offer, the more laundry you're likely to generate.

  • Towels for members
  • Rags to wipe down equipment
  • Uniforms for employees
  • Athletic team uniforms/jerseys
  • Specialty sports gear
  • Exercise mats
  • And more!

Keeping these items cleaned, stocked, and ready to use is essential to running a professional gym or fitness center.

Keeping Up with Your Members

Provide laundry equipment that goes above and beyond to meet the high performance demands of fitness facilities:

  • Energy-efficiency to lower utility costs
  • High-spin speeds to dry clothes faster
  • Programmable controls to handle technical fabrics and athletic gear

High-quality commercial laundry equipment saves you the time and money. More time and money means your gym can accommodate more members and provide additional services, which naturally leads to increased customer satisfaction and higher membership rates.

In a nutshell, it'll improve your business and set you apart from the competition.

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