Laundry Equipment for Apartment Complexes

commercial laundry equipment for apartments

To be successful in the real estate industry, you have to be able to attract qualified, reliable renters to your properties. Laundry is one of the most important amenities that landlords and property managers can offer potential tenants. Whether it's in-unit washers and dryers or a communal laundry room, high-quality commercial laundry equipment can take your apartment complex from OK to great. If you're looking for creative ways to increase profits at your rental properties, commercial laundry equipment is the answer.

Designed to Meet the Needs of You and Your Tenants

With multiple tenants and families using the washers and dryers on a regular basis, whatever laundry equipment you put in your apartment complex has to stand up to high use. At Martin-Ray Laundry Systems, we're proud to offer top-of-the-line multi-housing laundry equipment from Speed Queen to our customers in the real estate industry. With the latest in wash technology and a variety of capacities, Speed Queen washing machines and dryers are built to meet the high-performance needs of apartment complexes. Speed Queen's revolutionary Quantum Gold Controls provide your residents a state-of-the art laundry experience with a variety of options, including:

  • Up to 27 custom cycle options and soil selection to increase efficiency.
  • Top-off dryer time that allows your residents to purchase additional dryer time, increasing profits for you.

Increase Speed and Efficiency

Your residents don't want the communal laundry room to get crowded during peak evening and weekend times. Speed Queen laundry equipment has 30 minute wash and 45 minute dry times, so your residents will be in and out of the laundry room faster. In large apartment complexes, renters will also love WashAlert with Service Alert, which allows them to check their laundry status using a property cable channel or website, or receive email or text alerts when their laundry is done.

Keep Utility Costs Low

Whether or not utilities are included in the rent, both landlords and tenants need to keep them in consideration. In addition to the exciting features above, Speed Queen laundry equipment with Quantum® controls are also designed with efficiency in mind. Fast spin speeds to decrease wash and dry times, less water use, and more control over temperature and cycle specifications all help to increase efficiency and reduce your monthly utility bills – meaning more money for you!

If you're looking for high-quality commercial laundry equipment for your apartment complexes, the Martin-Ray Laundry Systems team is here to help. We'll help you every step of the way to help make sure you and your residents get the most value from your multi-housing laundry equipment. From installation and financing, to ongoing technical support and maintenance, you'll be in good hands. Contact our laundry experts today to get started.