Laundry Equipment for College Dorms

Laundry equipment for college dorms

Every fall, thousands of students pack in to university residence halls and dormitories. Along with these students comes their clothes, bedding, towels, and other linens. Multi-housing laundry equipment from Martin-Ray Laundry Systems can help you keep up with the needs of your students living on campus. Laundry rooms are not only a necessity for universities, they can also be a great socialization spot for students and an additional revenue generator for the school if done correctly.

Laundry Equipment Built to Last

At Martin-Ray, we're proud to offer Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment to our university partners. All Speed Queen products are commercial-grade, with metal parts and dependable electronic controls. These durable, industrial strength washers and dryers are designed to stand up to frequent use and potentially rough treatment from young adults who may be inexperienced with laundry.

A Better Clean for Students

Bacteria, viruses, bedbugs, and other hygiene and sanitation issues are a big deal on college campuses. High-quality, innovative laundry equipment from Speed Queen and Martin-Ray Laundry Systems can play a role in keeping your dormitory as safe and sanitary as possible. The full vane agitator rotates in a series of long and short strokes for a thorough wash – without damaging the clothes.

Advanced Controls that are Easy To Use

While today's students are more technologically savvy than ever, many of them may still be inexperienced when it comes to laundry. Speed Queen's state-of-the-art Quantum Gold Controls are the perfect solution for your student housing. They're easy to use and navigate, and give students 27 cycle options to meet their needs, including water temperature and soil level. Multi-level vending also allows you to charge extra for premium services, like hot water or extra dry time, creating additional revenue for your school.

Increasing Speed and Efficiency

With limited laundry equipment and thousands of students on campus, laundry rooms in residence halls can quickly fill up during peak times. Wash Alert™ with Service Alert can improve efficiency in your laundry room. Wash Alert can text students when their load is done, and students can go online to see if a machine is available or how much time they have left to wait. Plus, efficient 30-minute wash and 45-minute dry cycles with Speed Queen washers and dryers mean students are done with their laundry faster – freeing up machines for others and leaving them more time to focus on schoolwork.

Creative Payment Options

There are a variety of machines available that can handle coins, cash, credit cards, or even your university card, which gives students convenient options for paying for their laundry services without having to go off campus.

Better for the Environment

If your campus and students are concerned about sustainability, we can help. Speed Queen front load washers are designed to use less water and energy, and are ENERGY STAR® qualified. These high efficiency washers with EcoWatersaver™ provide water savings of up to 62% and reduce energy costs by 67%. That means cost savings for you and your students, and less of an impact on the environment.

Martin-Ray Laundry Systems provides ongoing support and service for our higher education customers, including:

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