Commercial Laundry Equipment for Health Care Facilities

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Health Care Facilities

When it comes to health care facilities, cleanliness can literally mean life or death. While laundry may be the last thing patients and medical professionals are thinking about during an emergency, commercial laundry equipment is key to improving cleanliness and keeping patients and medical staff safe.

Get a better clean

Soiled sheets, gowns, towels, scrubs, and other linens are common at hospitals and clinics. Properly cleaning these garments helps prevent the spread of disease and bacteria that cause infections and put medical staff and patients at risk.

Martin-Ray is proud to offer commercial laundry equipment with the control and flexibility your hospital or clinic needs, including:

  • Temperatures control and adjustment for various contaminants and chemicals
  • High spin speeds to wash and dry linens faster
  • Water level control and adjustment
  • Programmable controls for easy use
  • Various capacity to meet the needs of your health care facility

Commercial washers and dryers are designed with clean in mind, meaning you'll get the best clean for your patients. As an added bonus, the energy-efficient products will help you lower operating and utility costs in your facility.

Helping You Serve Patients Better

Your health care facility goes above and beyond to save lives and serve your patients, so we want to provide that same quality, service, and efficiency to you. We help our on-premise laundry customers with all their laundry needs, including:

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