Commercial Laundry Equipment for Correctional Facilities

Commercial Laundry Equipment for Fire Departments

There are currently more than 6.6 million adults under the supervision of U.S. correctional systems in the United States, generating tons of laundry on a regular basis. Keeping up with the laundry needs of people in correctional facilities is no easy task! Not all commercial laundry equipment is up to the challenge. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems works with correctional facilities like yours to help keep up with laundry needs.

Large capacity commercial washers & dryers to get the job done.

In order to manage the laundry that’s piling up, most jails and prisons want to process the largest amount in the shortest amount of time. That means you’re looking for efficient, large capacity machines. At Martin-Ray, we offer washers, extractors, and dryers in a variety of capacities to meet the needs of facilities of all sizes.

Commercial equipment also improves efficiency at your institution with the latest in technology, including:

  • High spin speeds for faster wash and dry times to get the job done
  • Programmable controls that are easy for inmates and staff to use
  • Heavy-duty build to withstand wear and tear from frequent use
  • Energy efficient technology to keep water and electricity usage low

Equipment performance monitoring to improve safety

The safety and security of visitors is a top priority. Our laundry experts will work with you to get the most advanced on-premise monitoring and diagnostic tools to help you prevent maintenance issues and assist with service and repair. These controls can often eliminate the need to bring in outside personnel to fix machines or reduce the amount of time they spend there, improving safety and security.

Quality Backed by Service

Martin-Ray has been helping fire departments with their laundry needs since 1988. You put your lives on the line for us every day, so we want to go above and beyond to help make your routine a little easier. We're here to help your station with all your laundry concerns, including:

  • Proper installation to avoid ongoing maintenance issues
  • Financing options to meet your budget
  • Replacement parts from top brands (Milnor, Chicago Dryer)
  • Technical support
  • And more!

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