Laundry Equipment for Retirement Communities

Laundry equipment for retirement communities

There’s no doubt that high-quality laundry equipment is an important part of managing and running a retirement or independent living community for seniors. Commercial laundry equipment from Martin-Ray Laundry Systems can help you find the right equipment to meet the needs of senior residents living in your retirement home, as well as provide additional profit and easy management for property managers and maintenance/housekeeping staff.

Meeting the Needs of Retirement Community Residents & Staff

Many aging residents living in your retirement center may be at an increased risk of illness and infection or even dealing with mobility issues. That’s why you want to get laundry equipment that not only provides a high-quality clean but is also easy and convenient for your residents to use. That way, it’s easy for them to handle their laundry needs for as long as they are able.

Martin-Ray is proud to offer commercial laundry equipment built to meet the needs of residents in your retirement community, whether they are living independently or transitioning to assisted living.

  • Many cycle options for flexibility and a better clean
  • Text alerts and online monitoring for residents or staff
  • Fast cycle times, which cuts down on wait times and hassle in a shared laundry area
  • Easy-to-use controls for seniors and staff handling laundry

Your staff and building maintenance crew will also appropriate newer designs and features, including:

  • Energy-efficient design and features to cut down on ongoing utility costs
  • Heavy-duty design to minimize repairs and downtime
  • Adjustable controls to meet safety and sanitation regulations
  • And so much more!

Work With Martin-Ray Laundry Systems

Martin-Ray has been helping multi-housing laundry investors with their laundry needs since 1988. From finding the right equipment for your retirement community to installation and designing your shared or in-unit laundry areas, we can help your retirement community tackle laundry with ease.

Contact the multi-housing experts at Martin-Ray to learn more about laundry equipment at your retirement community.

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