ADC Coin-Operated Dryers: A Reliable and Efficient Solution for Laundromats

At Martin Ray, we recognize the essential role durable and high-performance commercial laundry equipment play in your vended laundry operations. That's why we proudly offer American Dryer Corp’s (ADC) line of card- and coin-operated dryers, engineered with advanced technology for improved productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

High Efficiency ADC Dryers: Conserve Energy and Enhance Your Bottom Line


ADC i-Series

Featuring a cutting edge design that’s proven to be very reliable, backed by an unconditional 5-year warranty. The i-series is available in single or space-saving stacked models. Features include:

  • Industry-leading efficiency to save on utilities and maintenance.
  • Shorter dry times through fully integrated drying system
  • Intelligent airflow design
  • Intuitive Micro Controls (IMC)
  • One-touch program selection

The i-series line is available in three different sizes:

  • AD-35i - 35 lb. capacity
  • AD-50i - 50 lb. capacity
  • AD-80i - 80 lb. capacity
  • AD-120i - 120 lb. capacity


EcoDry Models

Maximize your utility savings and minimize your carbon footprint with ADC's innovative EcoDry line of dryers.  Experience energy efficiency that doesn't compromise on drying speed or quality thanks to key design features: 

  • Axial Airflow
  • Dual-paned door glass
  • Sealed tumblers
  • Single Phase Reversing

Residual Moisture Control (Coin RMC) is an optional feature that measures moisture in a load and reduces the heat input while it continues to run the tumbler.

The EcoDry line of dryers is available in three different sizes enabling you to provide a mix of machines to best serve your customers’ needs:

  • ES-35 - 35 lb. capacity dryer
  • ES-50 - 50 lb. capacity
  • ES-76 - 76 lb. capacity

All three models are available in gas, electric or steam heat.


AD Series

American Dryer’s popular AD Series dryers are built to last which is why they’ve long been a top choice among laundromat operators around the world. Available in single or stack models, each of the AD dryer models include clever design features which enhances their usability and performance. The AD line includes:

  • AD-24
  • AD-285
  • AD-30V
  • AD-50V
  • AD-78
  • AD-758V
  • AD-115


Durability That Pays Off

Crafted with premium materials, ADC dryers are built to last. Their resilience in high-traffic environments means fewer repairs, less downtime, and more profit for your laundromat. 

ADC understands the value of your time. Our coin-operated dryers are designed for easy access and straightforward maintenance, keeping your operations smooth and efficient. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our advanced dryers significantly reduce wait times, improving customer satisfaction and turnover rate. Quicker dry times mean happier customers and a more profitable business. With intuitive controls and multiple payment options, ADC dryers are accessible to all users, ensuring a seamless laundry experience. 

Why Buy ADC Dryers From Martin Ray?

Leverage our deep industry knowledge and comprehensive support services to select the best equipment for your needs. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way, from purchase to installation and beyond.

Get the most value for your investment. We offer competitive pricing on all ADC models, along with flexible financing options to suit your budget.

Minimize downtime with our readily available local service team and in-stock parts. We’re committed to keeping your operations running smoothly.

To learn more, contact a Martin Ray Vended Laundry Specialist today.