Advantages of Replacing Your Laundry Equipment

Regardless of whether you own multi-housing, or on-premise laundry equipment, there are countless advantages to replacing old, out-of-date machines. The laundry industry is known to be a sound investment choice, with a proven business model. Being efficient and budget friendly are important factors in the laundry industry. Replacing your commercial laundry equipment is advantageous, because it reduces costs and makes your laundry room more efficient or your laundry business more profitable. 

Lowers Utility Costs

Profitability is a main focus for any business, especially a laundry business. Replacing your old laundry equipment will help lower utility costs on an annual basis, saving you thousands of dollars. The Coin Laundry Association shares that 67% of laundromat owners cite high utility costs as being an obstacle of business. New laundry equipment technology and design can reduce your utility consumption and increase overall efficiency. Equipment owners can run larger load capacities with the same service time, at lower costs!

Decreases Downtime & Maintenance

Newly designed laundry equipment provides a more stable maintenance environment. New machines are made with stronger materials and some offer leak detection systems, making service issues easier to diagnose and address, cutting back on the time your machines are out of service. Purchasing new equipment through a laundry equipment distributor like Martin Ray, typically offers professional service and installation, ensuring correct set-up and use.

Increases Customer Loyalty

Replacing your outdated laundry equipment with new machines sparks excitement in your customer base and increases customer loyalty. Combining the new equipment with other added amenities:

  • Creates a welcoming environment, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones
  • Enhances the laundry experience, prompting customers, tenants, or other users to choose your laundry facility over others
  • Shortens wash times, making the laundry process more efficient and profitable
  • Builds a safe environment for users and staff
  • Offers laundry technology features such as card payment systems, giving a convenient way to pay

Maximizes Profits

The Coin Laundry Association reports that self-service laundry owners see on average a 35% return on investment annually. Replacing your old laundry equipment with new machines provides many opportunities to maximize existing profits, including:

  • Charging More Per Load: When new equipment is added to a laundry facility, customers expect to pay 10-20% more to use new machines.
  • Cutting Down on Costs: With better design and efficiency, new laundry equipment costs significantly less to run.
  • Adding Brand Value: New equipment adds value to your brand almost immediately after installation.

Let Martin-Ray Laundry Systems Be Part of Your Success Story!    

The team at Martin-Ray is committed to helping each customer make a worthwhile laundry equipment investment. We offer dedicated customer service from beginning to end so you can make the right investment for your laundry equipment needs. If you are located in the Martin-Ray service area, contact us today so your business can be more profitable!

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