Is an Ozone Laundry System Right for Your Commercial Laundry?

The devastating COVID-19 pandemic will leave a number of industries forever changed. The increased focus on cleanliness and hygiene will continue, particularly for businesses that cater directly to the public. Among these industries are commercial laundries, including both vended and On Premise Laundries (OPLs). These days, operators are keenly interested in disinfection; processes introduced during the pandemic will continue and new ones will be introduced aided by rapid technological advances.

Ozone Laundry Systems, introduced decades ago, have steadily advanced through the years, and are now enjoying renewed interest among laundry operators. An Ozone wash system is an all-natural cleaning system that kills viruses, bacteria, and mold. Ozone systems clean and sanitize so effectively that the CDC has approved them to handle healthcare laundry.

How Ozone Wash Systems Work

Ozone laundry systems use electricity and oxygen to create ozone which is dissolved in cold wash water. Manufacturers describe ozone as oxygen (O2) with an extra atom of oxygen attached (O3). The ozone-enhanced cold water permeates the items being washed in such a way that it removes dirt, germs, mold and smells much more effectively than regular wash water—without having to use nearly as many chemicals (laundry detergent and bleach). Ozone Wash systems clean and sanitize not only the laundry, but also the washer itself.

Benefits of Ozone Systems

Ozone Laundry Systems provide many benefits to laundry operators and end users including:

  • Laundry can be washed using very few chemicals, which helps extend the life of the items being washed.
  • Fewer chemicals means better for the environment
  • Cold water uses less energy which reduces utility costs and is also better for the environment.
  • Retail laundry customers like the results which means they will keep coming back: garments, bedding, and other household laundry washed in ozone systems are not only cleaner, they feel softer and seem fresher than those washed in regular water.
  • Similarly, hotel/spa/healthclub guests will appreciate the nice hand and clean smell of a property’s linens which will increase the likelihood of return visits.
  • Ozone washed laundry retains less moisture than laundry washed in traditional commercial washers. That means shorter drying times which is good for everyone: customers, operators, and the environment.

Learn More About Ozone Wash Systems

Depending on your property and laundry equipment, Ozone Laundry Systems can be easy to set up and maintain even in laundries where space is at a premium. The ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System is an example of one such system, but there are others as well. Talk to one of our Laundry Specialists to learn more about which system is best for your needs. Our service technicians can install the system from start to finish.

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