Why Hospitality Businesses Should Upgrade Their Laundry Equipment During A Crisis

There’s no doubt that the hospitality industry was hit hard by COVID-19 as events, gatherings, and travel were limited through most of 2020 and early 2021. As we headed into the new year and you were looking for ways to keep going strong amidst ongoing challenges, your laundry operation probably wasn't at the top of your list. But maybe it should have been. The right equipment can help keep hospitality businesses moving forward with improved cleanliness and efficiency.

Get laundry cleaner

If it has been a while since you invested in commercial laundry equipment, now is the perfect time to upgrade. Cleanliness and sanitation are critical during a health crisis like we’re going through right now. Normal clean isn’t enough. Customers are going to be more skeptical of cleanliness than ever before, so you need laundry equipment that is up to the task. 

Today’s laundry equipment from top brands are literally designed for a better clean, which means a cleaner laundry and a safer environment for patrons and employees. 

In general, you can expect hotter water, which is noted to kill more germs and bacteria, and more wash options and customization — including temperature control and extra rinse cycles. 

Use these features as part of your ongoing marketing efforts to help give guests (and employees) peace of mind that you’re doing absolutely everything you can to keep them safe while they’re patronizing your business. 

Increased efficiency

The reality of this pandemic is that while travel is down and fewer people are visiting hotels, restaurants, and other communal places, you may be operating with a decreased staff and budgets may be tight. That means efficiency is going to be more important than ever so you can still get everything done and keep costs low. Thankfully, new commercial laundry equipment is optimized for efficiency. 

  • Faster extraction speeds help get clothes dry faster, which cuts the time per load and reduces electricity costs. 
  • Advanced technology helps you better manage water levels, water temperatures, and even detects leaks and other issues that raise your utility costs. 
  • Designed to maximize cleaning power while reducing water use. 
  • Easy to use and monitor, which reduces training and improves employee productivity. 

Overall, you’ll see a noticeable decrease in your ongoing utility expenses and can better track and manage employees who are handling the laundry for increased performance. 

Work with Martin-Ray Laundry Systems

Whatever your needs are during this season of change and uncertainty, Martin-Ray is here. We’re a leading commercial laundry equipment distributor throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas, and western Nebraska. On top of that, we provide other services, including ongoing business support, maintenance, and more to keep you running smoothly during this pandemic and beyond. 


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