Easy and Effective Ways to Promote Your Laundry Business

Laundromat businesses face stiff competition from other laundromats, community laundry facilities, dry cleaners, and in-home laundry equipment. That means that laundromat owners have to work hard to promote their businesses and attract new customers. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to effectively promote your new or existing business and build your customer base without breaking the bank.

Define Your Brand

Everything related to your business, from the signage to the decor, website, social media accounts, advertisements, and more should have a consistent look and feel. Take a moment to define your brand, including your logo, colors, style, etc. and stay true to these parameters with everything you produce.

Get On the Map

Many people use Google Maps and Apple Maps to find local businesses. Follow these instructions to add and manage your business listing on popular map sites:

Be Social

Most of your customers are already active on one or more social media platforms. Create a Facebook and/or Instagram profile for your laundromat, complete with a business description, contact information, photos, and regular updates to reach them. Not only is social media a great way to connect with existing and potential customers, but it’s also free to use—a win-win.

Get Reviews and Referrals

Positive messages about your business are more powerful when they’re written by real customers. Encourage your existing customers to review your business on social media and online listings, such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp to help attract more customers. Place signs in your facility requesting reviews—many customers will happily oblige while they’re killing time waiting for their clothes to dry.

Leverage Curb Appeal

According to the Coin Laundry Association, 90% of your customers live within a mile of your laundromat. That means that potential customers are walking or driving by your business every day, so start with curb appeal to get their attention without spending a dime. Start with the basics—a bright, clean, and legible sign that is easy to read from the road, a clean and tidy storefront, and clean windows. If your sign is old, faded, or missing letters, it will deter potential customers from setting foot in your store.

Include potted plants or other simple landscaping out front to make your business more inviting. If you offer special services, like fluff and fold, or promotional pricing, include window signs or decals to promote them as well.

Advertise Online

While traditional advertising channels, like radio and television, may be cost-prohibitive for a laundromat owner, there are numerous online advertising channels that are much more affordable. Consider running ads through Google or Facebook to help reach new customers and build brand awareness.

Host an Event

From a grand opening celebration to an annual anniversary party, holiday celebration, or customer appreciation party, hosting an event with refreshments, activities, and entertainment can help increase brand awareness and develop customer loyalty. You could also consider hosting classes and seminars that appeal to your community, such as a resume writing workshop, book discussion club, or networking group.

Encourage Customer Loyalty

Offer a punch card system or digital rewards program to encourage customer loyalty. Some laundromat equipment manufacturers even offer digital punch card applications that you can use, so check with your commercial laundry equipment provider to discuss available options.

Offer Discounts and Promotions

Customers love to feel like they’re getting a good deal, and promotional pricing can help boost loyalty. Some ideas for promotions include:

  • Special pricing for holidays
  • Reduced pricing during days or times when business is typically slower
  • Promotional pricing for specific professions, such as healthcare workers or police officers

Advertise discounts and promotional pricing with signage in front of the store, social media posts, internet ads, and more to help spread awareness.

Attend Community Events

Whether it’s a local chamber of commerce luncheon, a street fair, or a family-friendly community gathering, there’s usually something going on in your neighborhood. Make time to attend these gatherings on behalf of your business as they align with your goals and objectives. You can even host a booth or table to promote your business and pass out business cards, coupons, and branded tchotchkes.

Support Your Community

Give back to your community and they’ll be more likely to rally around your business. Get involved by sponsoring or volunteering with youth sports teams, community events, non-profit projects, and more. Not only are you helping people in a meaningful way and fostering goodwill in the community, but you’ll also reap plenty of business-related benefits through brand awareness, speaking opportunities, and even media attention.

Partner with Other Small Businesses

Nearby businesses and those with similar target audiences often make the best partners. For instance, if your laundromat is located near a college, partner with a local pizza parlor or coffee shop. If you’re targeting families in nearby apartments, partner with daycares and childcare facilities. Work with other businesses by:

  • Displaying one another’s flyers, posters, business cards, and/or coupons
  • Offering discounts to patrons who patronize both businesses
  • Connect and share content online
  • And more!

What’s Next

Successfully managing a small business and staying competitive in the laundry industry is no easy task. For more help outfitting, managing, and promoting your laundromat, contact the laundry experts at Martin-Ray Laundry Systems today.

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