Benefits of Partnering with an Equipment Distributor When Opening a Laundromat

If you are ready to make a sound business decision by entering into the coin laundry industry, partnering with a laundry equipment distributor like Martin-Ray is a smart choice. Laundry distributors offer many benefits for investors who are opening a laundromat and Martin-Ray Laundry Systems wants to share them with you!


Save Time & Money

Laundry business owners and customers focus on two very important factors; time and money. Save on both when you partner with a laundry  distributor. Martin-Ray offers efficient and reliable commercial laundry equipment from premier brands. Authorized manufacturer representatives  have access to the most advanced  laundry equipment, ensuring that your laundromat is always operating at its highest potential and providing customers with the best service.


Your Coin Laundry Business is Our  #1 Priority

Martin-Ray will support you through every step of your new laundry project including:



Martin-Ray constantly analyzes the laundromat market and knows what makes a successful location based on local demographics and decades of expertise.



Martin–Ray and will work with you to design your store for maximum profitability and a premium customer experience.



Martin-Ray has the resources to offer laundromat business finance solutions customized to suit your needs and goals. Financing is available for the equipment your stores need as well as tenant improvements.



Martin-Ray will professionally install your new equipment utilizing factory trained specialists to ensure the job is done to proper specifications.



With Martin-Ray and by your side, you  have experienced partners who know the laundromat business like no other.  From store operations to marketing, we can guide you every step of the way to a profitable business.


Fully Equip Your New Laundry with Martin-Ray

In addition to washers and dryers, Martin-Ray also furnishes all essential equipment necessary for a successful and profitable laundry.


Partner with Martin-Ray Laundry Systems for Your Laundromat Investment!

The team at Martin-Ray offers support from start to finish for coin laundry investors. Select, finance, and operate a successful laundromat with our extensive industry knowledge and expertise! If you are located in Martin-Ray's service areas, contact us today! 


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