3 Tips for Marketing Your Laundromat

The laundry industry is a competitive market where washateria owners need to make smart and informed business decisions to help differentiate their facilities from others. Sure, upgrading your commercial laundry equipment, adding laundry technology, and servicing your machines to reduce downtimes are all effective ways to maintain a loyal and happy customer base, but what about winning new clientele and creating a brand that’s unique from local competitors? Marketing has not typically been a priority among coin laundry owners, but presents a great opportunity to enhance branding, awareness, and loyalty among your customer base. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems wants to share tips on how to better market your laundromat!

Invest in Exterior Signage

With many laundromat owners operating on small budgets, investing in exterior signage is an effective and cost friendly way to promote your business. In fact, the Coin Laundry Association shares that nearly 60% of customers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services. Although signs have quite the price range, anywhere from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars, there are some best practices that laundromat owners can incorporate to make their signage effective on any budget, including:

  • Using bright and contrasting colors
  • Utilizing bold fonts for easy readability
  • Considering the architecture and color of your building
  • Familiarizing yourself with the sign addendum on your lease

Put a Focus on Local Marketing 

Laundromats primarily serve a lower income customer base, with many relying on their smart phones as their primary source of internet. The use of mobile is rising with 29% of low income households exclusively using their phones for internet. It’s imperative that you put a focus on local marketing, which heightens your coin laundry’s visibility for searches like “laundromats near me”.  A best practice for any business that wants to have an emphasis on local and online marketing is claiming your listing with Google My Business. This free tool ensures that your business appears front and center through a variety of searches and allows customers to view hours, reviews, pictures, etc.


Give Back to Community Organizations

Partnering your coin laundry business with local charities or organizations can be a great way to extend your marketing reach in the community. Asking these entities to promote your laundromat through event signage, ad placements, and other marketing materials helps members of the community recognize your brand and keep it top of mind. In addition, make sure that you ask the marketing team for these community organizations to link your laundromat’s website on their social media channels and website in efforts to promote your brand.

The team at Martin-Ray Laundry Systems goes beyond just distributing commercial laundry equipment. Visit our blog to discover more topics about how you can grow your laundromat to be as successful as possible! 

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