3 Reasons Customer Service Matters for Your Laundromat

A machine may unexpectedly break down, the card payment system may not work properly, or there may be a long wait time for the dryers – all of which can leave patrons frustrated, annoyed, and unhappy. While these types of situations are sometimes unavoidable, how you respond to the customer’s concerns and issues and how you treat your patrons can make or break your laundromat business. Good customer service can help turn that customer’s frown upside down and solidify your laundromat as a go-to facility for laundry services in the area. Here are 3 major reasons why customer service matters for your laundromat.

1. Good customer service encourages customer loyalty.

Bad customer service is a quick way to send your laundromat patrons straight to your competition. In fact, research shows that approximately 82% of people have left a company because of a bad customer service experience. On the flip side, more than 66% of customers said they’re willing to spend more money with a company that provides them with good customer service. That means customer service is key if you want to build a strong base of happy, loyal customers for your laundromat. Handling all customer concerns politely, quickly, and respectfully will make even the most frustrating of situations seem more bearable for your customers. As they look back on the experience, they’ll remember that you went out of your way to help them, rather than the issue that caused the complaint in the first place. Even when there isn’t an issue, going above and beyond to delight your customers with special promotions, discounts, freebies, and a friendly attitude can also leave a lasting positive impression and entice them to return. Since it costs approximately five times more to attract a new customer to a business than it costs to retain an existing customer, making customer service a priority will help improve your laundromat’s success in the long term.

2. Good customer service can help you gain more customers.

Word-of-mouth advertising is considered one of the best form of advertising because it’s free and it works! More than 80% of Americans seek recommendations when making a purchasing decision – including whether to spend money at your laundromat. From online reviews to friendly chats between neighbors, people are going to talk. Good customer service will help ensure that the social conversation surrounding your laundromat is positive – such as how clean your facility is, how quickly you responded to a complaint, or simply that you remembered a returning customer’s name – and attracts new customers rather than scare them away. On average, happy customers tell nine people about their positive customer service experiences. That’s nine potential new customers you may miss out on if they’re hearing something negative about your laundromat, rather than a customer’s positive experience. 3.      

3. Good customer service opens the door for partnerships and collaborations.

You never know who is going to walk through the door or contact your laundromat. As people start to talk about the great customer service they experienced at your facility, your laundromat will become known as a positive place to work and do business. Since people want to work alongside positive, customer-focused businesses, consistently providing quality customer service can help attract potential partnership and collaboration opportunities that will ultimately benefit your business. However, a reputation for bad customer service – such as not responding quickly to inquiries or rude employees – can be an immediate turn off to potential business collaborators or job applicants.

Having a commitment to good customer service at your laundromat facility can help ensure your patrons leave feeling good about your laundry business and that you’re investment remains profitable and successful in the long term. At Martin-Ray, we pride ourselves on good customer service, too. If you have question about equipment, financing, or how to take your laundry business to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us today!  

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