4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Laundromat Customers' Experience

Published: July 11, 2019

Written by: Martin Ray Laundry Systems

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If you were a customer at your laundromat, would you come back? If many laundromat owners were honest with themselves, the answer to that question may be “no.” Too often customers walk through the door and see outdated technology, broken down laundry equipment, and an uncleanly facility. On top of that, the staff may be slow to respond to questions and complaints. Even if you think your laundry business is “good,” there’s always room for improvement. Your customers are what keeps your business running and profitable, so it’s important to put them first. With that in mind, here are a few easy ways to improve the customer experience at your coin-op laundry. 

  1. Invest in technology. Technology is taking the laundry industry to the next level. If you’re still operating with old, outdated equipment, you’re missing out. With more than 81% of people owning smartphones, we are more connected and technologically savvy than ever — which means customers crave that experience at laundromats too. The laundromat that offers the convenience and modern-day experience for customers is going to be the one that stands out in the crowded laundry industry.

    Commercial laundry equipment with new controls and software allow laundry owners to maintain complete control over their laundry business with reporting and monitoring capability that help keep machines up and running at peak efficiency and earn them more money. Customers also love more options for their wash and dry cycles, as well as money-saving features.

    We help laundromats provide the technology, convenience, and versatility that today’s laundromat customers expect — including advanced payment methods, monitoring, notifications, and more. 

  1. Offer various payment methods. As you’re looking to improve the laundry experience and make things more convenient for your customers, then you have to meet them where they’re at. As you may or may not have noticed, gone are the days of customers regularly carrying around cash. Approximately 30% of Americans make no purchases with cash in a typical week and the majority opt for credit cards, debit cards, apps, and online payment systems regularly. With that in mind, offering alternative payment methods can be a huge perk for customers, as they won’t have to worry about carrying cash, tracking their money, or making an extra trip to a bank or ATM before visiting your facility. The last thing you want is a customer leaving or spending less money because they don’t have the cash on hand.

    So what payment methods are available? That depends on you and your customers. The SpyderWash Credit Card Payment System accepts all forms of credit, debit, and loyalty cards (while still allowing laundromats to maintain their coin/cash payment system as well). Both are solid options for laundry investors. 

    Not only are these alternative payment methods convenient for customers, but carrying and storing less cash also reduces risk of theft and improves safety. Win-win. 


  1. Improve cleanliness at your laundromat. No one wants to do laundry in an unclean facility. End of story. Too many laundromat owners don’t make cleanliness a priority and/or don’t have the staff on hand to handle ongoing cleaning. Create a cleaning schedule and set your laundromat apart by providing a clean space for customers to wash, dry, and fold clothes. 
  1. Add some entertainment and extras. Unfortunately, laundry is considered a chore, which means many customers may already have a negative feeling about your business before they walk in the door. Change the narrative by turning your business into a destination. Consider:
    • WiFi access (so they can use their own devices
    • Televisions
    • A children’s play area (with coloring books, games, etc.) 
    • Vending machines
    • Arcade games
    • Books and magazines
    • Special events

The possibilities are endless. We recommend taking a good look at the nearby competition (and then going above and beyond) and consider surveying your existing customers about what “extras” they’d want at your laundromat. 

  1. Train and energize your staff. Great employees are the crux of any business. Even when something goes wrong, a helpful employee can turn a negative situation into an overall positive experience. Even if you have a small or family-owned laundry business, take some time to train your staff.  Focus on how you and your staff can improve the customer experience, including: 
    • Learning customers’ names and building personal relationships.
    • Increasing efficiency and providing quick responses to calls, emails, and social media messages. 

Go through how the equipment works, how to handle common problems, and good customer service techniques — especially if it has been a while since you’ve addressed them. It’s also a good idea to make time for ongoing customer service training and experiences, such as conferences and webinars, that can help your team grow their skills and provide new ideas for your business.  

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If you’re ready to improve the customer experience at your laundromat, Martin-Ray can help. Our team of laundry experts can help you upgrade your equipment and technology and take your laundry business to the next level. Contact us to get started.

If you’re ready to improve the customer experience at your laundromat, Martin-Ray can help.

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