Benefits of Upgrading Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

Are you considering upgrading your commercial laundry equipment? Some of the benefits are easy to pick out, while others might not be so obvious. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems offers up some top benefits for the investment to help you consider if and when you’re planning on an upgrade.

Better Quality

One of the biggest reasons to upgrade your laundromat equipment is to reap the benefits of better quality machines. Commercial laundry equipment technology is constantly improving, and having the latest models will likely mean a significant improvement in the quality of your clean. 

Better Efficiency

Aside from quality, laundry equipment upgrades can mean enhanced efficiency with faster cycles times, reduced energy usage and enhanced traffic flow patterns. The more efficient your laundromat, multi-housing facility or on-premises facility is, the more customers you can attract.

Energy Savings

Energy-efficient laundromat equipment can help reduce your environmental footprint while saving money in utility costs. Newer equipment uses less electricity and water to get an equivalent or better clean. Even with a high up-front investment, you can earn that money back over time with significant cost savings.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers recognize and appreciate when laundromats offer new, high-quality equipment. As the individuals directly interacting with the machines, they pay attention to subtle changes in wash quality, cycle time and usability. An equipment upgrade can satisfy current customers and also be used as a selling point to draw in new customers from nearby competitors.


There’s something appealing about new, “shiny” equipment when walking into a laundromat. It conveys a sense of cleanliness, quality and professionalism. If anything, an equipment upgrade can be a way to boost your facility’s interior style and give a great first impression for anyone walking in the door for the first time.

Martin-Ray Laundry Systems sells the highest quality commercial laundry equipment in the industry with top brands and factory-authorized representatives to assist you in making the right equipment choices. Putting off your next upgrade could mean putting off potential profits, and we can help get you started. Contact an experienced team member today. 

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