5 Easy Ways to Make Your On-Premises Laundry Operation More Energy-Efficient

With the rising cost of utilities and increasing awareness about sustainability and green business practices, making your hotel, fitness center, or medical center’s on-premises laundry operation more eco-friendly is more important than ever. Not only is it better for the environment, but using less water and electricity - therefore generating less waste overall -  is also good for your OPL’s bottom line. Let’s look at a few of the ways you can make your on-premises laundry operation more efficient. 

1. Use updated industrial laundry equipment. 

Latest high-quality and eco friendly laundry equipments are designed to reduce cycle times, use less water and electricity and be more efficient overall.

Advanced controls also give you more control over water levels. Different monitoring features coming with machines help us to detect issues such as leaks can help to save thousands of gallons of water each year.  

2. Train your staff.

You can’t be in the laundry room all the time. A well-trained staff is your first line of defense when it comes to increasing energy-efficiency in your on-premises laundry operation. Teach them how to properly use the machines, have ongoing meetings and training, and ask for their and suggestions. Sustainability and environmentally-friendly laundry practices are a group effort. 

3. Use cold water when possible. 

With the right detergents and wash cycles, cold water can get linens equally as clean as hot water. When appropriate, encourage and opt for cold water options to help cut back on heating options. 

4. Encourage guests to reuse linens. 

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, many OPL facilities, such as hotels, have given patrons the option to reuse towels, rags, and blankets, rather than laundering them on a daily basis. This can significantly cut down on energy use and waste throughout your laundry operation.  

5. Think beyond equipment.

When it comes to sustainability and going green in your on-premises laundry operation, think beyond just equipment as well. Simple changes, like upgrading your lights to energy-efficient bulbs, setting timers so lights and electronics turn off automatically when not in use, adding more recycling bins, and even utilizing solar panels or other forms of renewable energy throughout your building.  

If you’re looking for ways to improve safety, productivity, and efficiency in your OPL operation, let’s chat. If you’re in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas, or western Nebraska, we’d love to work with you.

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