How To Better Manage Your On-Premise Laundry Room

Looking for ways to lower turnover, provide better wash results, and increase efficiency at your on-premise laundry operation? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re sharing some practical ways to meet your goals and take your operations to the next level with updated equipment, technology, and improved processes. Let’s take a look. 

1. Upgrade your commercial laundry equipment

Today’s industrial laundry equipment is more advanced than ever before. Not only are newer machines faster and more energy-efficient, advanced controls — such MilTouch controls from Milnor —  give OPL managers and employees a customizable wash experience that increases throughput and maximizes efficiency. On top of that, these advanced control systems allow on-premise laundry managers to gather important maintenance and performance data from their machines — such as history logs, error notifications. That data, in turn, allows them to make smarter business decisions and operate their facility more efficiently. 

These controls are also surprisingly easy to use, making training and onboarding your employees quick and easy. That’s important for hotels, medical facilities, fitness centers, and other on-premises facilities where high-turnover is common. 

On the flip side, improved efficiency and cleaner linens mean increased satisfaction among guests and patrons and better customer service overall. 

2. Make cleanliness & organization a priority

A dirty and unorganized on-premise laundry facility makes it harder to work efficiently and poses health and safety risks. With that in mind, keeping a clean area can help improve the overall flow of the laundry process, keep employees and your customers safe in the process, save you time and energy, and save you money on potential citations or workers’ compensation complaints. 

Here are a few cleanliness and organization tips for on-premise laundry facilities: 

  • Have plenty of trash and recycling containers around the area for employees to dispose of waste properly. 
  • Make sure bins, carts, and areas of the laundry room are properly labeled to avoid cross-contamination of soiled clothing and repeated loads. 
  • Have a designated spot for laundry bins, carts, and other equipment to keep them out of pathways and avoid potential tripping hazards or back injuries, 
  • Have signage and documentation that clearly states policies and processes that employees are expected to follow. 

3. Go wireless

Many commercial laundry products allow users to access important data remotely through wireless networking, Implementing that wireless technology throughout your facility makes it easier than ever to control and manage your laundry operations from anywhere — which is especially helpful when you’re not on-site or monitoring multiple facilities. Staying connected in this way saves you time, money, and allows you to make quick and sound business decisions. 

Got questions about making your on-premise laundry facility more efficient? We’ve been working with operations managers throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas, and western Nebraska for years. Whether you need new commercial laundry equipment or ongoing business support, the commercial laundry experts at Martin-Ray Laundry Systems are here to help!

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