How to Operate an Energy-Efficient Laundry Facility

Owning an energy-efficient laundry facility can boast a lot of benefits including reduced utility bills, reduced environmental footprint and improved community image. Making changes to become more energy-efficient is something anyone can do, and the following tips are a great starting point for facility owners to consider.

Provide & Encourage Cold Water Use

Did you know that 90 percent of energy consumption in a typical washer goes to heating the water? Patrons just opting for a “cold” or “warm” cycle compared to “hot” can significantly save energy. Ensuring your equipment has energy-efficient options and that visitors understand the benefits is important. Offering incentives for selecting these special cycles could be a way to encourage use and brand your laundromat as an eco-friendly facility.

Invest in Monitoring Software

It’s difficult to be energy-efficient if you aren’t informed on all of the energy details happening in your facility. Many laundry equipment software systems are able to track metrics on things like water usage, electricity usage, load size and more. By keeping a close eye on this data, you can better assess the unique areas of improvement in your business.

Invest in High-Efficiency Laundry Equipment

Efficiency is important to both parties: owner and customer. Upgrading your equipment to high-efficiency models is a worthwhile investment that can cut your energy bills and pay itself off in the long run. Look for equipment that is ENERGY STAR certified and don’t skim the details on how much power and water they require to operate.

Consider Eco-Friendly Extras

Beyond machinery, there are other ways to make your facility more energy efficient. Purchase fluorescent bulbs, offer green laundry detergent, install exterior solar panels and have motion-activated lighting.

Are you considering transitioning your facility to be more energy-efficient? Connect with a knowledgeable Martin-Ray representative to get all of your questions answered and learn how we can help you with equipment, parts and financing programs.

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