Boost Efficiency, Quality, and Savings: The Smart Case for On-Premise Laundry

Establishing an On Premise Laundry (OPL) instead of outsourcing to an external laundry service provider can be a cost effective and efficient solution for businesses and institutions looking to maintain control over their laundry operations. Modern commercial laundry equipment features advanced technology that can facilitate the development of a successful OPL offering myriad benefits:

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Cost Control

OPL allows businesses to have better control over laundry-related costs. While initial setup costs may be higher, the long-term operational expenses can be more predictable.


On-premise laundry facilities allow for customization of laundry processes based on specific needs. Businesses can tailor washing and drying cycles to suit the types of fabrics and laundry loads they typically handle.

Time Efficiency

OPL can result in faster turnaround times as laundry can be processed on-site. This is particularly beneficial for businesses such as hospitals that require quick and frequent access to clean linens or uniforms.

Laundry Quality Control

With on-premise laundry, businesses have greater control over the quality of the washing and drying processes. This can lead to better maintenance of textiles, longer lifespan of linens, and improved overall cleanliness. For hotels, for example, clean, crisp linens create a positive first impression and contribute significantly to guest comfort and satisfaction—increasing the likelihood of return visits.


On-premise laundry facilities provide flexibility in terms of scheduling and handling urgent laundry needs. Businesses can respond quickly to changes in demand or unexpected spikes in laundry requirements.

Security and Confidentiality

On-site laundry facilities offer greater security and confidentiality, especially for businesses dealing with sensitive materials such as healthcare facilities or industries with specific hygiene and cleanliness standards.

Environmental Considerations

OPL can be designed with environmentally friendly practices in mind, such as the use of water and energy-efficient equipment, including water recycling, and the implementation of eco-friendly detergents and chemicals. Water conservation and energy efficiency are becoming critically important in many areas of the country—particularly in the southwest. OPL enables organizations to control these aspects of their operations, which is not only good for the environment, but is also good for business as clients increasingly favor businesses that implement sustainable practices.

Increased Productivity

Employees can focus on core tasks without the need to focus on the logistics and transport of laundry to and from an external service provider. This can contribute to increased productivity within the organization.


OPL ensures a consistent supply of clean linens, uniforms, and other textiles, reducing the risk of shortages or disruptions that may occur with external laundry services.

Long-term Cost Savings

While the initial investment in on-premise laundry equipment and facilities may be higher, businesses can experience long-term cost savings by avoiding ongoing service fees and transportation costs associated with outsourcing laundry services.

Martin Ray Laundry Experts Can Help

It's important for businesses to evaluate their specific needs and circumstances to determine whether on-premise laundry is the most suitable option for them. The laundry experts at Martin Ray have deep experience with OPL laundry and can work with your in-house team to develop a laundry facility that’s optimized for your business’ needs. We will factor in the volume of laundry, space availability, local labor considerations, and the level of control desired over laundry processes.

We are proud to represent the finest brands in OPL Laundry including Milnor commercial washers and dryers, and Chicago Dryer finishing equipment. Both brands are known for their reliability, durability and usability, along with the high quality of their finished work. Contact a Martin Ray OPL laundry specialist today to learn more about developing an on-site laundry processing facility for your organization.

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