Why Purchasing Laundry Equipment from a Distributor with a Strong Service Department Matters

As a multi-housing, or on-premise laundry owner, maintaining your facility's equipment is a top priority. When machines are down, money and customer satisfaction is lost. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems offers a strong service team that works on installing, maintaining, and servicing clients' commercial laundry equipment in a timely manner, using decades of experience working with industry leading brands to guide service decisions. Martin-Ray believes that purchasing laundry equipment from a distributor with a strong service department matters, and here’s why:

Access to a Team of Laundry Professionals

Commercial laundry equipment is a big investment decision for many business owners. Regularly servicing and maintaining your machines ensures that they are well taken care of and that your assets are protected. Partnering with a laundry distributor with a strong service department, like Martin-Ray, allows you to access a team of laundry professionals who are trained in-house on the industry's leading brands. Their combined expertise allows your industrial laundry equipment to be serviced in a timely, efficient, and accurate manner.

Strong Post-Sales Support

Depending on the piece of commercial laundry equipment you purchase, the longevity of the machine ranges from 5-15 years. Throughout its lifespan, your laundry machine needs to be regularly serviced to ensure that it's operating efficiently and staying in use. When you partner with Martin-Ray Laundry Systems, you gain access to our strong post-sales support team. We realize our partnership goes beyond just the sale of your new commercial laundry equipment, and we are dedicated in providing you with:

  • Technical assistance
  • Training in servicing your commercial laundry equipment
  • Equipment service from our trained laundromat technicians
  • Supply parts for all major brands of laundry equipment

Installation Done Right the First Time

Opting to install your commercial laundry equipment on your own or through a contractor can lead to problems and additional expenses down the road. When purchasing your equipment through a laundry distributor with a strong service department, you gain access to an in-house installation team that is dedicated to timely, efficient, and proper equipment installation. This decreases your risk of machine down times in the future, saving you money in the long-run. In addition, Martin-Ray's service technicians work around your schedule, providing flexible service times that are convenient for you.

Replacement Parts for Your Commercial Laundry Machines

Keep your commercial laundry investment operating at peak performance throughout its entire lifespan by partnering with a laundry distributor that has a solid service team. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems' service department offers replacement parts for all the industry leading brands and more. Whether you have a complex issue, simple order, or large parts request, our knowledgeable team can help you keep your laundry equipment running at its best. When you partner with Martin-Ray, you also are provided with:

  • Long-term supplier/client relationships
  • Timely, reliable service
  • Knowledgeable parts team
  • Factory-authorized dealer status for top laundry brands

Service Matters. Partner with Martin-Ray

Continue your sound business investment by purchasing your commercial laundry equipment through a washateria distributor with a strong and dependable service department. Martin-Ray creates a personalized partnership that is rooted in support, customer service, and industry knowledge. We offer a wide range of commercial laundry products and a full-suite of business services, including investment opportunities and financing options. If you are located in our sales and service area, contact us today! 

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