How to Grow Your Laundromat Customer Base

As an established laundromat owner, it can be hard to grow your customer base if you are stuck in day-to-day business activities. The Coin Laundry Association shares that vended laundry facilities see an average return on investment (ROI) of 20-35%. Keep these profits steady and even grow them further by expanding your customer base. Martin-Ray Laundry Systems wants to share some tips and tricks with you to be a successful, existing laundromat owner!


Upgrade Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

According to Speed Queen, the average lifespan of commercial laundry equipment is 5-15 years. Upgrading your coin laundry machines not only poses benefits to you as the owner, it helps grow your customer base. New equipment offers cutting-edge technology and creates a unique and positive experience for laundromat customers. Replacing old, clunky equipment keeps machines operating at their fullest potential and decreases the unsatisfactory downtime that worn-out machines can present. In addition, marketing your laundromat as having state-of-the-art laundry equipment attracts new customers to your operation.


Add Laundry Technology to Your Facility

Creating a convenient experience for your laundry clients should be one of your number one priorities as a laundromat owner. What better way to cater to customers’ needs than by adding laundry technology, like card payment systems, to your washateria? Laundry technology offers a wide-range of benefits that enhance the customers’ experience and will help create a new customer base and strengthen the loyalty of your existing one. Adding laundry technology to your commercial laundry equipment helps differentiate your coin laundry operation by:

  • Creating Convenient Ways to Pay Using Credit, Debit, Cash, Coin, Loyalty Card, and Contactless (ApplePay) Payment Methods
  • Having User-Friendly Displays and Interfaces
  • Authorizing Payments in Real-Time
  • Offering Customers the Ability to See Machine Availability and Time Countdown Options


Adding a card payment system supplied by Martin Ray, like  CryptoPay or SpyderWash, is an easy way to bring in new business because these systems eliminate the need for users to make an extra stop to withdraw paper bills when it’s time to do laundry.


Increase Your Laundromat’s Amenities

 The vended laundry industry is a thriving market that offers many different locations for customers to choose from. Differentiation is the key to success in this industry and as an established laundromat owner you should always be looking for ways to enhance the customer’s experience when at your facility. Increasing the amount of amenities that your laundromat has to offer, helps ensure a satisfied user. Having quality, reliable coin laundry accessories is an important step in providing your customers with a positive experience. Some options to consider adding to your laundromat operations include:

  • Laundry Carts
  • Laundry Scales
  • Soap Venders
  • Hanger Venders
  • Bag Venders
  • Coin Laundry Signage
  • Price and Washer ID Decals
  • Bill Changers

 If you are looking to grow your laundromat’s existing customer base to help boost profits and stay successful, consider partnering with Martin-Ray Laundry Systems! Our team goes beyond coin laundry distribution and helps new and existing vended laundry owners service and grow their business