Why Safety Is So Important in Your Community Laundry Room

laundry room safety should be a top priority!

We've discussed tips for keeping your laundromat business safe, but what about laundry room safety for multi-housing facilities? Do property managers and landlords need to be worried about safety in community laundry rooms in their apartment buildings, condominiums, and dormitories? Absolutely! Just like at laundromats, theft and vandalism is a major concern, especially if your laundry room isn't secured so that it's only accessible to residents. Slips, falls, and other injuries also remain a concern, especially for the children and aging adults who may live in your facility and utilize the laundry room. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons to make laundry room safety a priority in your multi-housing facility.

1. It'll help you avoid costly fines and legal issues.

Falls, fires, and theft are all potential legal and insurance issues that you'll have to deal with. No landlord wants to be sued or fined, and, of course, you don't want your residents to get hurt because of something that could have been prevented. Taking some preventative safety measures can help keep your tenants safer and help you avoid headaches and unexpected emergencies down the road. 

2. It'll help protect your investment.

There's no doubt that high-quality commercial laundry equipment is an investment. Additional security measures, like secure entrances to the community laundry area and cameras, help protect that investment from damage and vandalism. Not only is it likely to deter theft and vandalism to laundry equipment from both tenants and non-tenants, but you'll also have an increased chance of tracking down a criminal and receiving retribution if there ever is an act of vandalism in your building.

3. You'll attract qualified renters.

It goes without saying that safety is a top priority for people who are searching for housing. No one wants to rent or live in a residence where they feel unsafe. Pointing out safety features in your community laundry room, such as surveillance cameras, secured entrances, and locked cupboards and closets, may help set your vacant units apart from other facilities where landlords don't take their residents' safety so seriously. Women and renters with young children will especially appreciate the extra security measures. As an added bonus, renters who feel safe and content in their building are naturally less likely to move, which reduces turnover and profit loss for you.

A few easy safety measures to consider for your community laundry room: 

  • Install security cameras.
  • Secure entrances to prevent non-residents from entering/using the facility.
  • Keep cupboards and closets with hazardous materials locked.
  • Make sure the room is well-lit and easily accessible.
  • Make cleanliness and routine maintenance of the laundry equipment a priority to help reduce risk of slips/falls and potential fires.
  • Post laundry room rules and emergency contact numbers in plain sight.

By keeping the above in mind and making safety a priority in the community laundry room at your multi-housing facility, you're well on your way to fostering a secure, happy residence for your tenants and a successful business for yourself. If you're looking to improve the community laundry room at your rental property, don't miss our blog highlighting the top three things residents are looking for in communal laundry spaces.

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