Quick & Easy Design Tips to Give Your Laundry Business an Upgrade this Spring

Published: April 25, 2019

Written by: Martin Ray Laundry Systems

Many of us take the time to clean and upgrade our homes each spring, so why not do the same for your laundromat business? There are many benefits to upgrading your space, including increased customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and improved brand perception. If your business is in need of a fresh look or a few upgrades, there are a few small, inexpensive things you can do to improve your design without resorting to a pricey remodel or renovations. Below are a few easy and cost-effective ways to give your laundromat an upgrade and delight your customers this spring.

Set up a sitting area. 

Many laundromats go for rows of seats or chairs around the perimeter of the area. It works, but it can end up making your laundromat feel more like an airport or hospital waiting room. Instead, set up specific seating areas with tables and chairs, couches, and loveseats that face each other, as you’d see in a living room or dining room. It naturally creates a more welcoming space and promotes socialization — which keeps customers at your business longer and encourages them to come back.

Add a splash of color.

If you haven’t changed up your paint color in a while, now may be a good time. Research has shown that color can influence the emotions of your customers and employees, so think about the “vibe” you want your laundromat to convey and pick your color accordingly. You may also want to consider an accent wall that draws people in or skip the paint altogether and go for unique artwork to add a splash of color.

Add an area for kids.

It’s no surprise that parents and young families are among the top frequenters of laundromats, which means many patrons bring young kids with them. With that in mind, a play area for children can be a huge benefit. Consider having a designated area contained by a gate and stocked with toys, books, and games for kids of all ages. That way, mom and dad can easily keep the youngsters occupied and quiet while they focus on switching loads or folding clothes. It’ll help your laundromat stand out from competitors that aren’t quite as kid-friendly.

Update your signage.

Your sign is one of the first things people see in association with your business. Is it conveying the message you want to convey with your business? If not, it may be time to do a little rebranding, or at least order a new sign that’s a little more eye-catching. The majority of your customers live within a short distance from your laundromat, so you really want something that’s going to grab attention, let them know who you are and what you offer, and draw them in from the get-go as they walk or drive by.

Display your newest and most popular equipment prominently.

Never underestimate the appeal of high-tech and shiny commercial laundry equipment. If you recently upgraded your washers and dryers or have high-capacity washers that are popular among customers, be sure they draw focus. Ideally, you’ll want to place them toward the front of the facility and near windows so they grab the attention of potential customers passing by.

Work with the experts at Martin-Ray Laundry Systems

Whether you’re just looking for a few business and design ideas or you’re in need of high-quality commercial laundry equipment, we’re always here to help. We offer top-of-the-line washers and dryers, financing, maintenance, ongoing business support, and so much more. Contact one of our vended laundry experts today to get started.

Contact one of our vended laundry experts today to get started.

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