Going Beyond the Basics of Energy-Efficiency For Your Laundromat

Going green at laundromats

Walk into any laundromat business and you’re likely to see energy-efficient light bulbs, recycling bins, and maybe even environmentally-friendly laundry equipment. These are awesome green initiatives and a great way to make sustainability a priority at your laundromat. However, how can you take that a step further? If you’re looking to continue improving sustainability and eco-friendliness at your laundromat, here are a few ways you can your green initiatives to the next level.

Zero waste

“Zero waste” initiatives have been popping up across industries, including the laundry industry. The goal is to think about the whole lifecycle of a product — from production to reuse and recovery — and to keep trash from entering landfills, incinerators, and the ocean. While getting down to absolute zero waste may not be feasible for your laundromat now, it’s definitely a goal to shoot for. What can be reused or recycled? What can you buy locally to help cut down on emissions from transportation and plastic from packaging? Even little steps can make a big difference.

Solar & wind energy.

There’s no better way to get energy than to harness the power of the wind and sun. While wind energy and solar energy aren’t a new concept, more and more laundromat investors are looking into and utilizing them. Solar energy can be an effective option for smaller laundromat operations and those who own their laundromat building. If you’re in the process of building or purchasing a laundromat business, it’s the perfect time to consider putting alternative energy solutions in place

Educating staff and customers.

As a small business owner, community member, and human being, it’s your responsibility to protect our planet. It’s all of our responsibilities! A great way to do this is to share knowledge and educate your laundromat employees and customers about good stewardship and eco-friendly laundry options. Consider selling sustainable or eco-friendly soaps and detergents and explaining why to customers. You can also share signs, blog posts, and social media posts with eco-friendly laundry strategies and highlighting the importance of water and energy conservation in the laundry industry. Overall, be sure to train your employees on environmentally-friendly practices and efforts within your laundromat.

We always love talking about sustainability and green efforts with laundry investors in the Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas, and western Nebraska areas. Let us know what you’re doing to protect our beautiful planet.


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